Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Our vision: To be the safest Trust in England, outstanding in all that we do

Our Strategic Direction also sets out our values, embedded with our desire to eliminate all forms of discrimination and promote equality. Living the values ensures that everyone counts: we’re caring and compassionate and we encourage and value diversity.

We are committed to meeting our Public Sector Equality Duty obligations (https://www.gov.uk/equality-act-2010-guidance) and those of the Equality Act 2010 (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/15/contents) publishing annual data and sharing areas of good practice.

Equality Objective One – Better Health Outcomes for all

Use appropriate equality data to prioritise the access, quality and safety of our services to improve patient outcomes:

  • Assess appropriateness of requesting, collecting and storing protected characteristic data of patients who use our services
  • Identify mechanisms to support the collection and storing of this data such as via the current procurement of the modified PAS system and the monitoring forms used by PALS and Complaints teams
  • Use the data effectively to improve the design and delivery of our services.

Equality Objective Two – Improved patient access and experience  

Develop an integrated approach of patient engagement targeting protected characteristic groups to create a better understanding of how patient access and experience can be improved:

  • Develop productive relationships with patient/service user groups/charities, address identified concerns and communicate outcomes
  • Consider how to better engage with marginalised groups
  • Effective use of in-house patient experience data.

Equality Objective Three – Empowered, engaged and well-supported staff

Deliver HR initiatives that address the equality agenda and develop/support the workforce to achieve high levels of competence and confidence:

  • Increase numbers of staff attending equality and diversity training
  • Increase numbers of staff receiving an annual appraisal
  • Increase numbers of staff receiving an annual appraisal

Equality Objective Four – Inclusive leadership at all levels

Demonstrate leadership in advancing the equality agenda ensuring inequalities are identified and addressed leading to the provision of services that are personal, fair and diverse:

  • Continue to develop the leadership skills of clinical leaders via training and support.
  • Encourage a range of employees to become ‘personal, fair and diverse champions’ in order to raise awareness of equality issues and encourage the development of initiatives to address inequality.

Windrush Documents 

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