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The Enhanced Supervision and Engagement policy was then introduced, incorporating the new Enhanced Care Plan. This gave staff a scientific language to use when going above and beyond normal ward care, instead putting the emphasis on the individual, tailoring treatments to their needs and placing an emphasis on preventing injuries that may occur within hospital, such as falls.

We are now seeing staff across all our wards provide better 1:1 supervision and engagement to our most vulnerable patients. We also have a small enhanced care team, who work across BH and DRI, and are allocated to the patients with the most acute needs, following a review by a review by an Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) in Care of Older People.

For a patient at risk of falling, having a member of staff to care for that patient and engage with them (rather than just watch them) has been transformational in the way we provided care for our most vulnerable patients. This document has been updated following feedback and can be accessed here.

Deborah Searson, PCC practitioner, Joanne Sayles, ACP in Care of Older People at DRI and Mandy Tyrell, ACP in Care of Older People at BH, will also be advertising drop in sessions across sites to launch the new documentation. You can see the dates available 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 and 13 October from 10.15am to 11.45am in the Operations Room, Level Four, DRI.

If you think you have a patient who needs enhanced care, please follow the new guidance to help make your assessment. If you have been unable to manage the risk with the interventions recommended, you can refer a patient for assessment by an ACP on these numbers (DRI) 07766366556 and (BH) 07976361069

At our Rehabilitation Unit at MMH, we looked at the needs for those patients and have recently employed two activities coordinators to support the reconditioning of our patients having rehabilitation. Our activities coordinators ensure that all patients have a ‘This is Me’  and develop a Person Centred activities plan for their rehabilitation needs.

Our Rehabilitation Unit has also recently launched the concept of Every Day Rehab. This includes a patient information leaflet, which talks about the importance of encouraging patients to try and wash themselves, brush their teeth, get dressed in the day, eat meals out of bed, get away from their bedside, use the toilet instead of asking for the commode and get off the ward with their visitors if they can. This can be used across all our wards to support the prevention of deconditioning in all our patients, click for the full version and the editable version.

To help pull all of this together, our Care of Older Peoples team have pulled together a visual toolkit to help staff see what the key elements of Person Centred Care are. You can access the Tool Kit here.

We also have the following poster pack you can use in your ward areas to compliment all of this work.

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