Last few years in brief

The past last few years for the Trust have been filled with achievements, improvements and innovations.

Fantastic feedback

We received a range of positive patient and colleague comments, daily:

  •  Over 90% of patients said we are caring and compassionate
  • Over 90% of patients said they were extremely likely to recommend our services.
  • The Trust is rated 4.4 out of 5 on Facebook.
  • Hundreds of local of residents share notes of thanks via social media regarding both work and the care received by friends and family.
  • The Trust is named within Newsweek’s Best Hospitals list.

Incredible staff

We have some of the most talented colleagues in the UK:

  • Two colleagues were elected President of their national professional associations for ENT and Laryngology.
  • Another was awarded a honorary fellowship.
  • One colleague was awarded an OBE and another a British Empire Medal.
  • Another member of Team DBTH was recognised for exceptional contributions to digital imaging informatics.
  • In all, the Trust was nominated for more than 20 national awards.

Highly specialised

We have some of the best, specialised services in the country, delivering:

  • UKAS accredited Pathology services.
  • Accredited Endoscopy services.
  • Accredited Echocardiography services.
  • High performing vascular surgery.
  • Our Stroke services provide Hyper
  • Acute Stroke Service (HASU) for the region which is SSNAP rated ‘A’.
  • This is in addition to the highly specialised and skilled staff we count on each and every day.

Best performance

We are amongst the best in the country for high performing services:

  • Region-leading results for Patient Led Assesment of the Care Environment (PLACE).
  • Recently enhanced Cancer Rapid Diagnosis services.
  • Phase one Community Diagnostic Centre development.
  • National top quartile RTT performance prior to COVID-19.
  • Excellent performance for 2WW, 31 and 68 day performance prior to
  • Score of 9/10 in the overall National Cancer Patient Experience Survey.

Safety and Quality

We have made excellent progress across our quality and safety indicators:

  • Implementation and adoption of better sepsis diagnosis.
  • Introduction of a number of projects with an emphasis on
    patient-centered care including:
    Making Mealtimes Matter, Sleep Helps Healing and increasing visiting times.
  • Emphasis on COVID-19 management and control.
  • In-house PCR testings and rapid testing available for colleagues to minimise risk of outbreaks.

New Facilities

This year, we invested over £12 million in our sites, which included:

  • Mutlimillion pound investment in new catering facilities.
  • Refurbishment of DRI’s Gate Four entrance and installation of ‘living wall’.
  • Opening of two ‘Changing Places’ restrooms, one at DRI and another at Bassetlaw Hospital.
  • The official unveiling of the Butterfly Garden and Rainbow Gardens.
  • New CT Suite at DRI and expansion to Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
  • This is in addition to countless repairs, maintenance tasks and other changes to our sites.

Training, Development and Research

As a Teaching Hospital we have nationally recognised educators and researchers:

  • Essential Training rate above 80%.
  • 47 additional research projects approved by the Trust and support for colleagues to undertake further development.
  • Award-nominated mentoring and region-leading feedback.
  • We trained 25% of all junior doctors as well as 30% of all other health professionals in the area.
  • Introduction of innovative new roles.
  • We have begun to roll-out our Leadership programme to help colleagues Develop, Belong and Thrive Here.

Quality Improvement (Qi)

We now host an innovative and pioneering Qi service at the Trust:

  • 300 staff are now involved in 190 improvement projects.
  • Over 2,000 staff are trained in our Qi way.
  • Improvement is embedded in all forms of training such as ‘Leading to Outstanding’.
  • Outcomes from this work include enhanced pain relief for Trauma and Orthopaedic patients as well as better waiting list management within our Antenatal Clinic.
  •  This work continues and is a part of what we do as Team DBTH.

We can’t wait for you to join us and make our team even better.

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