Cuddle Cot donation in memory of baby Neve

A young couple who sadly lost their baby daughter, Neve, have donated a piece of equipment to the Trust to help other families who have lost little ones.

Natalie and Scott Muir were devastated when their little girl, aged one, passed away in February last year. The couple had visited Neve at Doncaster Royal Infirmary to say their goodbyes and came up with an idea to help comfort other parents going through a similar experience.

They began fundraising in Neve’s memory until they could purchase a ‘Cuddle Cot’, a temperature-controlled bassinet. This item is used when parents go to spend their final moments with little ones, and also gives them a few extra days to say goodbye. The equipment, which is designed to look comfortable and less clinical, works quietly so that parents can have the peaceful family time that they need with their baby.

Natalie said: “After our experience we realised how important and precious those moments are; Neve looked so peaceful in bed when she had been bathed and changed, however due to her temperature changing, we only had five days with her. We hope that by having this equipment in Doncaster it will help local people, in a similar situation to us, seek a bit of comfort at such a difficult time.

“We made a plaque with Neve’s name on it which will be fastened to the Cuddle Cot so she’ll never be forgotten and it’s comforting to see her name on something that will make such a difference.”

Natalie and Scott raised the £2,500 needed to purchase the Cuddle Cot at a charity night at Rossington Welfare Club in November. Their family and friends turned out in force to remember Neve at the special event and every ticket was sold.

Kay Brown, Service Development Lead at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals, said: “We’re so grateful to Natalie and Scott for being so brave during such a challenging time and raising the money for this heartfelt donation. Their courage will make a real difference to bereaved parents in Doncaster – the perfect way to remember their little girl.”

The couple are continuing to fundraise in the hope of purchasing cuddle Cots for hospitals across the country and are hoping to set up a registered charity in Neve’s name.

Natalie continued: “The fundraising is giving us something to focus on and if we can make a difference in Neve’s name that would be the perfect legacy for her.”

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