DBTH Star Awards 2018: Caring and Compassionate Star

This year’s celebration event will take place on Thursday 20 September at the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster.  Hosting the event, and back by popular demand, is Look North’s Harry Gration.

This award is in recognition of clinical and support staff who place patients at the centre of care and go further to improve experience within our hospitals. Ensuring we put the patient at the heart of everything we do is incredibly important – being caring and compassionate is key to achieving this vision.

These are truly the caring and compassionate heroes which help to us to become outstanding in all we do.

Meet the nominees:

Ian Bleything, Heathcare Assistant, Ward 32

Consistently mindful of the little things, Ian is a true champion for person-centred care. This is something that his colleagues have clearly noticed, remarking that he is absolutely amazing when it comes to developing a rapport with renal patients. By taking the time to get to know people and cater to their needs, Ian warmly establishes trust and ends up forming close bonds with patients. He does this through kind-hearted gestures, like scouring the hospital to find the right kind of wheelchair for a patient, or painting their nails and cutting their hair to make them feel tidier and improve their self-esteem.
Because of this remarkably personal approach, patients actually look forward to seeing Ian and his presence really brightens up their day. In this sense, he is a proper credit to the Trust and a fantastic role model for junior staff.

Denise Cowling, Macmillan Palliative Care Specialist Nurse

Nominated by a member of the public themselves, it is clear that Denise makes an incredible difference for those in her care and especially their relatives. After supporting a patient through a long period of illness, she was eventually put in the difficult position of having to let them go home to pass away peacefully. Going above and beyond her responsibilities in this respect, Denise kept in touch with the family throughout, taking the time to explain the patient’s wishes to them, allay their concerns and even liaise with other services on their behalf. In this sense, she treated everyone involved with the utmost warmth and compassion. The relative who nominated Denise for this unbelievable dedication has expressed eternal gratitude, noting that without the Nurse’s help, they would have likely been unable to deal with the emotional toll of the situation. All in all, Denise was an invaluable pillar of support for the family during this painful time.

Lynn Hoyland, Healthcare assistant in Rheumatology

Affectionately dubbed the ‘’Mother of Rheumatology’’, Lynn is adored by both her colleagues and those in her care. Not resting until she is satisfied that all her jobs have been completed and that everyone else is happy, Lynn has voluntarily assisted in setting up a brand new day unit, taken on additional admin duties and done everything in her power to enable a smooth experience for patients.

All of these little things are of course appreciated, especially her contributions to the day unit, which has enabled a growing number of patients to be treated. Despite taking on all of these extra responsibilities, Lynn is never too busy to talk with patients, doing them a world of good in the process.

This award is proudly sponsored by our partners at NHS Professionals.