Hospital hosts 1940s themed tea-party for patients

Dedicated staff at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospital’s (DBTH) Mallard Ward have donned costumes reflecting the fashions of the 1940s in a creative bid to transport their patients back in time for an afternoon tea-party.

The ward cares for elderly patients, who often have conditions which can affect their memory. To ensure individuals receive the best possible care, the team are always looking for new (or in this case, retro) and innovative ways to encourage them to share their memories and stories from yester-year.

Special events like this are part of the Trust’s drive towards delivering ‘patient centered care’. This means placing a greater emphasis on individual need, tailoring treatment to a patient’s specific needs, ultimately improving their hospital stay.

Gemma Betts, Activities Co-ordinator on the ward, said: “Activities like this can take our patients back to a time that they remember so clearly, and it really makes them smile. The traditional hospital setting melts away, which often can be daunting, and with their imagination flowing it encourages patients to talk about what life was like back then.”

The ward staff served tea in their vintage costumes, which included an RAF uniform and an array of extravagant hats and dresses, while soundtrack from the 1940s played in the background.

Gemma said: “The afternoon really encouraged relatives to get involved as well as the patients. They were curious about the outfits and asked questions which sparked conversation. We heard stories about time served in the RAF and how people lived in the 1940s. The patients really enjoyed themselves.”

The ward has previously held a 1950s day and holds regularly tea parties in an effort to go above and beyond for their patients.