Local hospitals welcome students as aspirant nurses

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH) have recently welcomed a new cohort of third year nursing students, to supplement their current workforce.

Helping the Trust manage the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, these fantastic learners have opted in for an extended placement that was offered to them by Health Education England (HEE). Coming from around the region – including the Universities of Sheffield, Lincoln, Leeds, Birmingham, Salford, Derby, Hull, Wolverhampton and more – they were given the opportunity to pick which organisation they would like to assist, with 65 of them choosing to come to DBTH.

Having been in the last six months of training before the outbreak began, they are already extremely knowledgeable and prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. However, to ensure that they are given the right level of support, the Trust delivered a condensed five day induction as well.

Commencing on Monday 27 April, this specially-tailored course familiarised the students with the hospital environment and equipped them with the relevant skills they need to care for patients with Covid-19.

On the subject of the new recruits, Alasdair Strachan, Director of Education and Research at the Trust, said: ‘’We are so grateful and proud of these exceptional individuals, who have joined us at this very difficult time. Working alongside our pre-existing staff, they will help us to deliver a high quality service to the local population and our education team will be behind them every step of the way.’’

After completing their induction, the volunteers have now stepped up into the paid role of an aspirant nurse. Speaking about this: Robyn Godfrey, originally from Sheffield Hallam University, said: ‘’Growing up, I observed my grandparents being looked after in hospitals on numerous occasions. Watching how a complete stranger could care for my them like they were a member of their own family was amazing to see; and I knew that after witnessing this care that I wanted to be a Nurse as well.’’

Echoing these sentiments, Robyn Taylor, also from Sheffield Hallam, said: ‘’My main drive to become a nurse was my innate desire to care for others the way I would want my family and friends to be cared for. Looking after a patient when they are most vulnerable is certainly scary, but in many ways it is also a privilege. Each day I am proud to be surrounded by such wonderful and inspirational colleagues, and cannot wait to continue learning, growing and developing into the nurse I want to be.’’

At the time of writing, DBTH has offered 56 permanent contracts to the new aspirant nurses.