Updates to car parking at DBTH

Please note, parking remains free in all pay and display areas at the Trust for the time being. However, there are some exceptions, and updates to share.

Thorne and Armthorpe Roads (Doncaster):
Please note, parking enforcement will be reinstated on Thorne Road and Armthorpe Road as effective on Sunday 3 May at 11.59pm. This means that the designated parking bays will revert to their short term status, and those parking here will need to keep these limitations in mind, or face the prospect of a parking charge notice.
To alleviate any issues, we are hoping to have the Park and Ride facility back to max capacity following resurfacing works on the same date.
Bereavement space (Doncaster):
Please note, within the Gate 4 entrance of DRI, there is a bereavement parking space clearly marked and signed. Do not use this space, it is for those visiting friends, family and loved ones who have sadly passed away, or are expected to pass away shortly. Anyone parking here inappropriately will be asked to move.
Chatsfield spaces (Doncaster):
There are a number of spaces reserved for Chatsfield Suite patients within the barriered car park behind the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and adjacent to Park Hill Hospital. These spots are reserved for those undergoing chemotherapy – it is crucial they remain for the use of these individual. Anyone parking here inappropriately will be asked to move.
On-call spaces:
These are specifically signposted and should only be inhabited by those with permission. These bays are needed by colleagues who work between sites and within the community, as well as need to be within clinic or a ward environment at short notice. Anyone parking here inappropriately will be asked to move.
The Park and Ride (Doncaster):
A section of the Park and Ride nearest to Whitby’s Restuarant is currently being resurfaced. We intend for this to be complete in early May, with street lights installed as well as further enhancements.
This area can currently be used, and is now serviced by a double-decker bus in order to accommodate patients, colleagues and visitors and still maintain social distancing.
Please use this facility if you cannot find a car parking space on or off site.