Our heroes

We rely on the kind donations of people in Doncaster and Bassetlaw to help us go above and beyond.

Over the past number of years, we have received a number of charitable donations from local residents. Here are just a few of our charity heroes:

Hospital Angling Club net over £500 for charity: A charity fishing match, organised by Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals Angling Team,  reeled in over £500 for Ward A5 at Bassetlaw Hospital.

Ward A5, which specialises in gastrointestinal patients, used the money to purchase a portable bladder scanner, which can perform a quick, easy and non-invasive ultrasound of the bladder.

More: https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/news/hospital-angling-club-net-500-charity/

Charity donation remaps Dementia care in hospital: An award-winning charity which designs and makes custom equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives made a welcome, if unusual, donation to Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Remap delivered 12 specially designed jigsaws to help improve the care of Dementia paients staying on the Mallard Ward after they were contacted by local charity, DonMentia, to find a solution to shop-bought jigsaws not being suitable for hospital use.

More: https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/news/charity-donation-remaps-dementia-care-hospital/

Cuddle Cot donation in memory of Baby Neve: A young couple who sadly lost their baby daughter, Neve, donated a piece of equipment to the Trust to help other families who have lost little ones.

The pair began fundraising in Neve’s memory until they could purchase a ‘Cuddle Cot’, a temperature-controlled bassinet. This item is used when parents go to spend their final moments with little ones, and also gives them a few extra days to say goodbye. The equipment, which is designed to look comfortable and less clinical, works quietly so that parents can have the peaceful family time that they need with their baby.

More: https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/news/cuddle-cot-donation-memory-baby-neve/

Special delivery made to Bassetlaw Hospital’s Children’s Ward: The Children’s Ward at Bassetlaw Hospital received a special delivery of toys and games last week for children spending time in hospital over the festive period.

The Mullen family from Worksop have been delivering Christmas gifts to Bassetlaw Hospital for over 20 years and this year have brought 70 items worth over £1,000, ranging from toys for tots, through to gadgets for teenagers.

More: https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/news/special-delivery-made-bassetlaw-hospitals-childrens-ward/

Spirits raised, cakes devoured and funds ooze in for Bassetlaw Hospital’s spooky cake bake sale: Staff at Bassetlaw Hospital have raised over £1,300, funds which will be used to keep patients entertained by purchasing new televisions.

Ward A4, which cares for patients who have had a stroke or those who need rehabilitation, have raised the funds by hosting two spooky cake sales for Halloween, with staff, patients and visitors encouraged to go along and have a Halloween themed cake or bun to support the cause.

More: https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/news/spirits-raised-cakes-devoured-funds-ooze-bassetlaw-hospitals-spooky-cake-bake-sale/

Hospital says thank you to ‘Friends’ for their continued support: The day room on Ward A4 at Bassetlaw Hospital has received a splash of colour all thanks to a donation from the Bassetlaw Freemasons.

The money, donated to the Trust via the Hospital League of Friends, has been used to purchase two leather lilac chairs for their day room. The comfy additions will complement the area which is currently undergoing a refurbishment to make it more welcoming and homely for patients.

More: https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/news/hospital-says-thank-friends-continued-support/

Colourful hospital staff raise money for baby unit: Staff at Doncaster Royal Infirmary have sprinted, dashed and tumbled their way around a colour run event, raising over £700 for the hospital’s Neonatal Unit.

Alison Boldy, Neonatal Ward Manager, said: “We set a target of £200 to buy a camera and have been overwhelmed by the support which has gone far above and beyond our expectations raising over £700.  I want to thank Sarah Parker, staff nurse, who with the team organised the run, as well as everybody who has sponsored us. With this kind donation we will be able to replace our camera and use the rest of the money for snuggle pods.”

More: https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/news/colourful-hospital-staff-raise-money-baby-unit/

Andrea raises £2,800 to improve cardiac care in Bassetlaw: A Healthcare Assistant at Bassetlaw Hospital has been given an award for her fundraising efforts to improve facilities at the hospital.

Andrea Colton, who works in the Outpatients department, has been tirelessly organising fundraisers to round up £2,800 to purchase an additional ECG machine for the area. The machine will be used in the department to check for abnormalities in the electrical activity of patients’ hearts.

More: https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/news/andrea-raises-2800-improve-cardiac-care-bassetlaw/

Meningitis diagnosis tool gets funding at local Hospital: Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals have secured the money needed to purchase a state-of-the-art, and potentially lifesaving, diagnosis tool.

Funded by the Fred and Ann Green Legacy, the tech, called FilmArray, can diagnose causes of meningitis and encephalitis within an hour, compared to current testing which can take up to seven days.

More: https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/news/meningitis-diagnosis-tool-gets-funding-local-hospital/

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