About us

A senior operational movement.

Emma Challans, Chair of #Proud2bOps

This group began in March 2017 and was borne of a desire to link with fellow professionals in similar roles. Despite heavy workloads and a diary brimming with meetings and other dates to keep, working as an operational leader can often feel quite isolated.

As a senior manager, you are often directing activity, developing new processes and pathways and supporting others to meet their goals and targets. It isn’t often that you get the chance to take time to reflect, share your experiences and learn from others in similar position.

This was the motivation for creating this group in early March 2017. As the Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals, I felt that joining a network of colleagues and peers across industries would be hugely beneficial and so I began to search for such a group, unfortunately to no avail.

Sensing an opportunity, I decided, with the help of with a handful of colleagues, to create the #Proud2bOps network – the first meeting of which occurred in March 2017. Since that day it has gone from strength-to-strength, with quarterly conferences and workshops organised, regular updates shared and, most importantly, a supportive group of peers across the UK firmly established, with a growing reputation

And this where you come in. We are always on the look-out for more members to join our #Proud2beOps movement. The strength of the network is the colleagues within, the learning shared and all opportunities taken to come together to support each other.

It is our goal to become an national recognised network, clearly defining the role of operations and, in the process, supporting budding and seasoned leaders in all walks of life. As we reach upwards of 100 members and almost 10 conferences held, I sincerely hope you will join us in the exciting, energising and essential journey.

Show that you’re #Proud2beOps and get involved.

Emma Challans
Chair of #Proud2beOps

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