Quality Dashboard

The Trust’s Quality Dashboard, updated each month.

The Quality Dashboard is developed using data from multiple sources, including HED, to measure the quality of care that we provide to our patients.

The Dashboard is in two parts encompassing general Trust-wide data as well as data pertaining to your respective Division/Specialty.  You are encouraged to consider this dashboard on a regular and frequent basis in order to acquaint yourselves with the Trust’s current position with respect to the services that we deliver.  It would also be useful to have regular discussions through your clinical governance meetings by way of monitoring your ward/department’s progress over a period of time.  This will hopefully allow you to make the necessary changes to improve quality where required while at the same time confirming areas where you provide excellent care.  Any areas of concerns highlighted by the dashboard should be escalated to the Clinical Governance Committee which itself monitors the dashboard at its monthly meeting.

The Trust has embarked on a process to achieve a CQC rating of “outstanding” by 2020.  This initiative led by the Medical Director Mr Sewa Singh is a response to our recent performance which indicated that some changes are necessary across parts of the organisation.

Any queries about the nature of the content of the dashboard should be addressed to Catrina Drury who is the Administrator of the dashboard.

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