Research and Development

DBTH embraces research at the very heart of its business. Our patients are at the centre of everything we do and we continue to strive for improvements for them.

Our vision is to further establish:

DBTH as a centre of research excellence by delivering a high-quality research agenda that makes a lasting difference to the quality of care we provide and driving changes in healthcare practice in the NHS.

NHS England acknowledges that by fully integrating research into NHS organisations, they can outperform organisations that do not, leading to better quality care, better patient outcomes and improved use of resources….

Why we do research

Our R&D strategy 2018 – 2023 clearly demonstrates our commitment to increasing the research opportunities we offer both staff and patients alike. We will achieve this through the following objectives:

We will engage and involve patients and the wider public in research in a meaningful and constructive way, including but not solely as research participants.

We will support and invest in our staff to enable them to participate in research, whilst encouraging them to draw upon the best available research findings and develop innovative approaches to clinical practice which improve patients outcomes.

We will capitalise and maximise relevant research opportunities to deliver financial growth, in order to allow appropriate reinvestment in Trust research services.

We will prove ourselves a proactive and influential partner in the regional and national research landscape, driving change through our research agenda as opposed responding to it.

We will demonstrate a commitment to extend the number and impact of quality research programmes, initiating research focussed on improving the health of our local community, burdened by high incidences of common disease.

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