Sharing our patients’ experiences

Without research, patients would not have access to important and effective new treatments. Feedback form patients participating in research has shown:

  • Improved patient experience by offering additional treatment options and increasing patient choice
  • Better health outcomes
  • A better understanding or management of their condition
  • Additional contact and a partnership relationship with their health professionals
  • Altruistically being able to give something back to the NHS, and contribute to better treatments
Evidence of initiatives to strengthen and improve the patient experience when taking part in research The nursing team supported me throughout the study in a number of ways; they explained everything to me in a simple way, no big medial terms have been used, I can understand what’s going off.  They’ve even come to my house when the drugs weren’t ready for me at times which I think was brilliant of them.
I support research because……. Medicine can’t advance without it
I support research because…….. It saves people’s lives
I support research because…….. It brings hope
I support research because…….. I want future patients and myself to be able to get the best treatments and medications available

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