Use your daily exercise to show your support for your local hospital – run, donate and nominate!

Are you ready to get active?

Join in with the team at DBTH, as we take up the #run5donate5nominate5 challenge. You can sprint, jog, stroll or cycle for 5k, or go as far as you feel comfortable. What’s really important, especially in these times, is taking an opportunity to boost wellbeing, reach out to friends and loved ones and give a little back to the DBTH Charity.

Ready set go!

Make the most of your recommended daily exercise, go the distance and get five kilometres under your belt or alternatively, you could put in a lockdown-friendly five-minute workout. Whilst the suggestion is to run, you could always take a stroll, walk the perimeter of your garden or use home gym equipment, do whatever feels good for you.

Take a selfie

After completing your exercise take a selfie, then head over to the Trust’s Just Giving page to pledge your £5 donation: www.justgiving.com/doncasterandbassetlawhospitalsnhstrust

Get online

Choose your favourite social media platform and post:

Thank you for the nomination (tag the name of the person who nominated you). I have completed my #run5donate5nominate5 and donated £5 to DBTH Charity in support of our health heroes. My nominations are: (tag your five friends) to take part in a 5k run, walk, or five minutes of your favourite exercise, followed by a selfie and a £5 donation to DBTH Charity: www.justgiving.com/doncasterandbassetlawhospitalsnhstrust Then, tag five nominees to pass the challenge along.

Please send us your post-workout selfies!

Email dbth.comms@gmail.com with your name and your nominees and we will celebrate your achievements on our social media pages.

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