Anatomy TV

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Anatomy TV is packed with them!

What is it?

A huge database of 3D interactive medical illustrations and MRI images, dissection photos, anatomy slides, clinical slides and videos, accompanied by detailed textual descriptions, definitions and information.

There are also quizzes and downloadable content that can be used with patients, in assignments and presentations.

To open it, see below….

Getting in:

Just 3 simple steps:

1. Sign in to NHS Open Athens

2. Click on “My Resources”

3. Choose “Anatomy TV”

4. On the ‘Welcome’ page, click ‘Titles’ and then look for the 3D Atlas tab on the right – you’re in!

Is there an app?

Yes – and No.  Yes, there is an app, but it’s not paid for by the NHS, so if you want to go ahead and buy it yourself – good for you!  But the only way to get into Anatomy TV for free is via NHS Open Athens.

Quick Guide:

We’ve produced a Bite Sized guide to help you quickly find your way around many of Anatomy TV’s features – to open it, click here.


If you need any additional assistance in accessing and using Anatomy TV or would like to arrange a training session, please contact library staff on

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