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A Trust-wide approach to helping our patients get their beauty sleep.

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‘Shh’ – What is it all about?

As a Trust, we are hoping patients will have a silent night as our ‘Shh’ campaign gets under way.

Launching next week, Sleep Helps Healing (or Shh) is a new initiative for the Trust which will see the implementation of a few simple rules for colleagues to follow as patients get ready to journey to the land of nod. The core tenant of the campaign is to minimise all noise, ensuring individuals can snooze peacefully without interruption.

Countless studies show that sleep is incredibly important to health. A lack of shut-eye can lead to a weakened immune system, an increased sensitivity to pain as well as general irritability. Despite our best efforts, wards can be very noisy places due to a number of factors, often leading to broken and unsatisfactory sleep for many patients.

In order to address this issue, following an example set by South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we will be implementing the Shh scheme, introducing the following rules for staff:

  • Lights will be dimmed from 11pm, and patients asked to switch all devices to silent and headphones used where possible
  • All equipment will be placed within easy reach for staff and all buzzers, alarms and bleeps addressed immediately
  • Staff will wear soft-soled footwear to reduce any noise from movement around the ward
  • Upon entry to the ward, patients will be asked about their sleeping routine, with their care plan tailored to fit preferences.

With these simple, yet all-important, changes, we are hoping that patients will benefit from a restful night’s sleep, potentially speeding up recovery and helping them get home much sooner.

Cindy Storer, Deputy Director of Quality and Governance, said: “Ensuring that patients staying with us get good, quality sleep is hugely important. Medical research and literature suggests that rest is an essential component to recovery and therefore as a Trust we will be doing our utmost to ensure patients get a good night’s sleep.

“The Sleep Helps Healing (Shh) campaign was introduced at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to great success some time ago and we hope it will show further promising results in Doncaster and Worksop. It is our goal to be the safest Trust in England, outstanding in all we do – we believe this upcoming project is another step towards this ambition.”

To aid in the launch of this campaign, Becky Mcoombe and Debbie Searson will be leading this work in Gresley and Mallard wards respectively. Keep your eyes peeled for any Shh related materials.

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