Sharing How We Care Newsletter

We would like to introduce you to ‘Sharing How We Care’ – our new and monthly patient safety newsletter.

In each edition, we share learning from deaths, incidents, patient experience and what work is going on across the Trust to keep our patients safer, as well as celebrating achievements.

In care settings things can and will go wrong, but it’s how we respond and learn from incidents and challenges that defines us as an organisation and team.

By sharing how we care, we can understand where we have succeeded or failed and how we can fall into positive patterns or break bad habits.

Sharing How We Care issues:

Issue twelve – August 2019
Issue eleven – July 2019
Issue ten – June 2019
Issue nine – May 2019
Issue eight – April 2019
Issue seven – March 2019
Issue six – February 2019
Issue five – January 2019
Issue four – December 2018
Issue three – November 2018
Issue two – October 2018
Issue one – September 2018 

This newsletter is created by an editorial committee lead by Cindy Storer, Deputy Director of Quality and Governance and Tim Noble, Deputy Medical Director. Want something to feature next month? Contact and

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