Your staff survey, a message from Richard Parker, Chief Executive:

It’s that time of year again when we ask you, as a member of Team DBTH, to share your views in the annual NHS Staff…

It’s that time of year again when we ask you, as a member of Team DBTH, to share your views in the annual NHS Staff Survey. From 9 October onwards, you will receive an email with a link to complete this questionnaire.  This request will come from Picker, the organisation running the survey, and all submissions will be strictly anonymous and confidential.

This is your opportunity to have a say about what it’s like working for the Trust and  is particularly important as it gives us an insight into what things are working well and where we can improve. From last year’s survey results it was evident that we needed to do more to involve and listen to our staff – the team that I whole heartedly believe make this such a fantastic place to work and who do so much good for local people.

At the time I pledged to take some immediate actions to address the concerns you raised. As an executive team we listened to the feedback and since the results were published seven months ago we have actioned the following:

  • I personally attended more than 25 listening event meeting with staff from across a range of services to understand concerns and ensure that key issues are communicated well from Board to ward
  • We changed the staff car parking charges introducing a lower rate for part time and lower band staff and where possible created more staff spaces at DRI
  • There is more senior management presence at Bassetlaw Hospital, with Moira Hardy, Acting Director of Nursing Midwifery and Quality, and Emma Challans, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, basing themselves at the site
  • We ensured you had the opportunity to shape the strategic direction, through social media, postcards, meetings and surveys. More than 700 of you provided feedback which significantly changed our vision and objectives
  • We have continued to focus on taking positive action on staff health and wellbeing, introducing new classes, groups, organised events and team sports, recruiting and training more than 50 health champions, introducing stress management courses and mindfulness awareness courses
  • We have set up a staff experience group who meet to discuss concerns  and challenges faced by staff
  • We have introduced a new Quality Improvement and Innovation team. They will provide the resources, training and support to all staff to enable you to feel actively able to contribute to improvements, leading innovations in patient care from the frontline
  • The Patient Experience Committee has reviewed how we capture and action feedback from patients and their families, emphasising positive feedback as well as where improvements can be made. A patient experience day planned for January will be a chance for staff to share, learn and celebrate patient experience across the Trust
  • We have introduced Risky Business – a dedicated newsletter to share learning from incidents and improve patient safety
  • We have refreshed our approach to the recruitment of service assistants, health care assistants, nurses and midwives, this has resulted in reducing vacancy rates in all of these areas. This year we have had our most successful newly qualified nursing and midwifery recruitment campaign ever which has resulted in all the midwifery vacancies being filled and the nursing vacancy rate falling to 4%– a vast improvement in performance in comparison to other trusts, the average of which is around 11%.

Whilst I know all of the actions above do not address all of the concerns raised, I am committed to continuously talking with you, listening to your feedback and turning this into action so we can make the improvements necessary to make DBTH as great a place to work as it is to receive treatment and care.

This year it is my ambition to achieve a 50% response rate to give a more accurate picture of what colleagues in the organisation think, feel and want to see change. The survey is strictly confidential this is why the email will be sent by our survey provider Picker. Your answers will be treated in confidence and no one at the Trust will be able to identify individual responses. As the survey is coordinated by a third-party, all submissions are anonymous and it is crucial to me that you are able to freely express your views, whether these are positive or negative.

Please set aside ten minutes to take the survey next week, encouraging your colleagues and teams to do the same.

Thank you,

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