Our purpose

A senior operational movement.

To allow colleagues a supportive space in which to take a time-out, away from the day job, to reflect and come together with peers.

Below is some of the ‘why’ we are  #Proud2bOps:

  • Time-out to develop as an operational leader
  • Professional identity of role – define together the senior operational ‘kite mark’
  • Lack of support and engagement at this operational level
  • Buddy/Mentor support
  • To share case studies, ideas generation and thinking together
  • To feel energised, passion and hope in the role
  • To be challenged by each other in a safe environment
  • To break the loneliness felt in the role
  • To obtain a greater understanding of the wider operational footprint
  • To celebrate successes and support recognition
  • Have Fun – share the ridiculous (this is very important)
  • To increase confidence
  • Giving ourselves permission to develop
  • Mitigate duplication, reduce waste and be more efficient
  • To influence system thinking and local area development through co-creation of policies and guidance – partnerships with local and national teams
  • To provide a forum of operational leaders that can act as a national consultative body
  • Modelling leadership
  • To strengthen the attractiveness of senior operational roles – to demonstrate we are ‘Proud to be in Operational Roles’ and share how rewarding it can be!

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