Patients and visitors

Everything you need to know when visiting the Trust

(Updated 11 January 2022):

Visiting at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals is to be suspended from 1 January 2022, in response to a rise in Covid-19 cases in the local area and the prevalence of the Omicron variant of the virus.

Across the Trust’s sites there will be no visiting for adult inpatients unless in extenuating circumstances such as for patients receiving end-of-life care or for patients with complex needs. Maternity and Paediatrics are not currently affected by this change.

From 1 January 2022, the following visiting guidance will apply:

  • All Adult inpatients – no routine visitors.  Compassionate visiting guidance instigated.
  • Compassionate Visiting – for patients with complex needs, those on palliative care, have Learning Disabilities, Dementia, Autism or a Mental Health Need. Please call ahead to arrange this.
    *It is noted that these are not visitors they are unpaid carers and the purpose is to provide assistance with communication or to meet the patients emotional, health and social care needs. One named carer is permitted for the duration of the hospital admission. It is encouraged that lateral flow testing is done in advance of attendance.
  • End of Life – Open visiting is still available for patients receiving End of Life care but this is restricted to 2 people at a time; but family are to refrain from congregating in waiting areas/entrances as you will be asked to leave.
  • Outpatients – For those attending for an appointment, it is encouraged that you attend alone unless prior arrangement has been made.
  • Emergency Department (A&E) – No visitors are permitted in ED apart from in exceptional circumstances. Please discuss with Nurse in charge for adult patients if they fall into the category above (EOL and Learning disabilities/complex needs).
  • Paediatric care – For full guidance, please click here.
  • Maternity services – For full guidance, please click here.

Appointments at the Trust during COVID-19

While we have restricted visiting currently, we are committed to keeping clinical appointments running as normal. If you have received communication for the Trust asking you to attend an appointment on our hospital sites, please do so. If you cannot, for whatever reason, please call ahead with plenty of time, so your appointment can be rearranged and the previous time given to another patient.

Please note, if your appointment is virtual please access this as instructed.

Looking for information on digital letters and DrDoctor? Click here.

Your safety is our primary concern and colleagues are undertaking regular clean-downs of our sites to minimise any risk of infection.

Please adhere to the following if you are coming to our hospitals for an appointment:

  • You must not be symptomatic of Covid-19: Please do not visit our hospitals if you are symptomatic of Covid-19, you live in a household with someone who is, or you or your household have been told to isolate.
  • Can I come with someone else? For those attending for an appointment, one individual may accompany, however please note that they may be asked to leave if social distancing becomes a problem. If unsure, please call ahead.
  • Feeling under the weather? If you have a cough, cold, diarrhoea, vomiting or a temperature, you could have an infection and may risk passing this on to our patients. Please do not visit the hospital if you are feeling under the weather and delay your visit.
  • Overseas trips: If you have just returned from an overseas trip, please do not come to our hospitals.
  • Face covering: All visitors to the Trust must wear an appropriate face covering – if you cannot for medical reason we will offer you a visor. If you don’t wear a covering we will ask you to leave.

Entering the hospital:

  • To minimise any chance of cross-infection, if you are visiting our hospitals, please come directly from home.
  • Please ensure you are wearing a suitable face covering – failure to do so may mean you will be refused entry.
  • Wash your hands upon entry to our hospitals.
  • If coming to a ward, we will take your temperature. If it is higher than normal, unfortunately we will ask you to leave.

Please note, to minimise any chance of cross-infection we have reconfigured our hospital sites. This means that you may need to enter the hospital via a different entrance. Please read your appointment letter or email carefully, ensuring you are using the correct entry. If in any doubt, please ask a member of staff who should be able to help.

We aim to make your visit to hospital as easy as possible. In this section you will find details of how to find and get around our various hospital sites, patient information and leaflets and other useful items.

Our staff are more than happy to help, so if you do have any questions regarding your visit that we haven’t answered, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like information regarding a ward or department, you can find out more on our services page.  All hospitals are required to publish information about the actual and planned staffing levels on all our nursing and midwifery wards on a shift by shift basis, to view our most recent report please click here.

If you’ve been a patient at our hospitals recently, we would like to know your views on the care you received. We’re asking everyone who has stayed overnight in hospital or visited Accident & Emergency or the minor injuries unit to tell us how likely they are to recommend us to their friends and family. This ‘Friends & Family Test’ (FFT) is a good way for hospitals to measure patient satisfaction with the care they are provided and the results will be published nationally. Please ask a member of staff for the FFT questionnaire.

If you would like to send a special ‘thank you’ to a member of our staff for their efforts, kindness and compassion, or alternatively to raise a concern, contact the team here.

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