Council of Governors

Public and staff governors are elected by the members in their constituencies, while partner governors are nominated by their organisation…

Our Council of Governors consists of 36 seats:

  • 5 Public Governors – Bassetlaw
  • 13 Public Governors – Doncaster
  • 2 Public Governors – Rest of England and Wales
  • 1 Staff Governor – Medical and Dental
  • 2 Staff Governors – Nursing and Midwifery
  • 1 Staff Governor – Other Healthcare Professionals
  • 2 Staff Governors – Non-clinical
  • 10 Partner Governors (appointed by our partner organisations)

If you need to get in touch with a member of the Council of Governors, or should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to do so through the Trust Board Office (

Our Governors are: 

Lead Governor: Hazel Brand (Bassetlaw, public)
Deputy Lead Governor: Linda Espey (Doncaster, public)

Public (Bassetlaw):

Peter Abell
Hazel Brand
Steve Marsh
Lynne Schuller
Mary Spencer

Public (Doncaster):

Michael Addenbrooke
Dennis Atkin
Ann-louise Bayley
Phillip Beavers
Mark Bright
Linda Espey
David Goodhead
Geoffrey Johnson
Lynne Logan
Bev Marshall
Susan McCreadie
David Northwood
Pauline Riley

Public (Rest of England and Wales):

Jackie Hammerton
Maria Jackson-James

Staff governors

Dr Vivek Panikkar (Medical and Dental)
Mandy Tyrrell (Nurses and Midwives)
Kay Brown (Non-Clinical)
Duncan Carratt (Non-Clinical)
Sally Munro (Nursing and Midwifery)
Sophie Gilhooly (Other Healthcare)

Partner governors

Jo Posnett (Sheffield Hallam University)
Wendy Baird (Sheffield University)
Dr Victoria McGregor-Riley (Bassetlaw CCG)
Ainsley MacDonnell (Nottinghamshire County Council)
Anthony Fitzgerald ( NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group)
Susan Shaw (Bassetlaw District Council)
Clive Tattley (CVS Bassetlaw)
Tina Harrison (Doncaster College and University Centre)
Alexis Johnson (Doncaster Deaf Trust)
Phil Holmes (Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council)

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