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Want some inspiration for your fundraising event? We have put a selection of ideas together to spark your imagination.

The daring

Head for heights? Do a bungie jump. Got a strong stomach? Have a Bush tucker trial. Live life on the edge? Teeter on a Tightrope walk. Do something daring or maybe, if this all sounds a bit too daring, you could do something else…

The rib-tickling

Turn your stellar and highly tuned dad (or mum) jokes into a fundraising comedy night. It will be memorable, and your spectators can laugh at – sorry – with you, in the name of charity.

The dietary

On a diet, don’t fancy a cake bake but want to raise some funds? Do the drop a dress or trouser size challenge and turn pounds lost into pound wins, for you and for our charity!

The competitive

If you have a passion for winning, you could organise an online gaming tournament (settling up for the charity and settling the age old question: PUBG or Fortnite?). For those searching for ‘offline’ flavours, you could get your extended family together for a snooker challenge, or your knitting group in a three-legged race around the local park. Get competitive whilst finding out who’s the sore loser in your crowd – and all for a good cause!

The creative

You could have a craftathon at school, the scout hut or community centre. See how many pompoms can be constructed in an hour, who can design the most impressive model or, if you’re out of ideas, who can whittle the most sticks – let your creativity pour forth in the name of charity.

The hungry

Out-is-the-new-in-is-the-new-out – or so that’s what the kids these days tell us. Have a dine-in night with your friends where you each cook a dish (like an unofficial ‘Come Dine With Me’). Donate the money you’d have spent in a lavish restaurant and savour the fine cuisine you’ve created together. Just ensure the takeaway menu is on standby.

The glitzy

If you like the idea of food and charity, but don’t want to stay in, we’ve got you covered. Why not organise a fancy gala night, complete with three course meal, canapes and a charitable auction? Your tummy gets full, your cocktail dress or tuxedo gets to take a glorious whirl out and in the process you’re doing something amazing for your local hospital!

Whatever you have in mind, let us know at so we can support you in your next charitable flourish – particularly if it involves food.

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