5 to 9 March is National Apprenticeship Week

Thinking about a career in the health service? Here are two stories on what it’s like to undertake an apprenticeship at the Trust.

Maisie Danson – Cardiac Physiologist Apprentice

“I joined the Trust as an Apprentice Healthcare Scientist in September 2016 in the Cardio-respiratory Department; this was my first experience working in the NHS.  I completed a Level 3 Diploma in Clinical Healthcare Support which gave an understanding of the basic principles and values important in healthcare. I was also trained to carry out basic diagnostic tests which meant I could begin to help contribute to the service.

I am now undertaking a Degree-Level Apprenticeship in Clinical Healthcare Science (cardiovascular) training in the role of a Cardiac Physiologist. I am part of the first cohort of students training in this way and I hope that, as a group, we will be able to help influence and develop the training programmes for Cardiac Physiologists in the future. As apprentices, we work full time meaning by the end of our 3 years training we will have gained sufficient knowledge and skills in the workplace, not only to carry out a variety of important clinical tasks, but also to ensure that we are able to practice professionally demonstrating good scientific practice and an understanding of patient-centred care.

As an apprentice, I have always felt well supported by my colleagues both with my studies and work-based training. I also get plenty of opportunities to learn and experience and learn new things.

For me, one of the main benefits of training as an apprentice is that I get to work full time. I really enjoy my job and I gain valuable experience by being in the workplace. Not only do I get to develop my skills communicating with patients but I also spend time with colleagues who are experts in the field. If I were to train via fulltime study I would feel like I was missing out on vital interactions with patients and staff.

For individuals seeking employment and/or training in the NHS, I would definitely recommend apprenticeships. They offer the unique opportunity to gain experience in healthcare whilst studying towards valued qualifications and training in clinical duties. Whilst training for a job role you are passionate about, you can contribute to the service delivered in our hospitals.”

Tina Simmonds – Business Administration Apprentice

“My time as a Business Administration Apprentice so far has been brief, yet brilliant! On my first day at DRI I was so nervous, however Alison, the Business Manager for our department, introduced me to all the team and they made me feel very welcome and at ease. Later on I found out I was going to be based at Montagu Hospital, in Mexborough, at the Clinical Simulation Centre – which I was initially quite anxious about, but when the time came, my Line Manager Kathryn made me feel so welcome and introduced me to all the staff there who also greeted me with kindness.

Observing members of staff with the manikin in the Simulation Centre has been a great experience. It’s fantastic to see what can be done, for example: it blinks, speaks, its pupils can go pinpoint and you can make one of the pupils or both blow as if damage has happened, you can inject when needed, give oxygen and fluids, make it have a seizure, you can even make it go into cardiac arrest, there’s so much, it’s amazing!

There are courses where there are different scenarios with the manikin for delegates ranging from medical students, HCA’s, Paramedics, Foundation Doctors and many more! It’s so fascinating to watch how these people would work in real situations, prepping them for the future.

My other duties include sending important e-mails, filling, printing, collating feedback from courses,  learning about the YMET site (midwife training) and much more! I can’t wait to gain my qualification at the end of my apprenticeship with an even wider range of skills. I enjoy it so much already I’m so thankful to the teams that have helped me get to where I am now – I’m excited to see what the future holds for me.”