Outpatient Appointments Now By Phone

We are switching the majority of our appointments over to telephone consultations. This change is being made to help promote social distancing and limit the spread of Coronavirus, as well as to prepare the organisation for the impact that the infection may have in the coming weeks.

The change is taking immediate effect across all our hospital services, with the exception of those where a face to face appointment has been deemed absolutely necessary from a clinical perspective. As such, all patients should assume that their appointments will be carried out over the telephone, unless they receive a separate communication from the Trust telling them otherwise.

Speaking about these new measures, Dr Tim Noble, Medical Director at DBTH, said: ‘’The transition to telephone consultations was a difficult decision, but one that we feel we have to make in order to protect our patients. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this difficult time and ask that you please stay away from the hospital unless you receive a communication from us telling you to come in.

“Meanwhile, if you have a date for your operation, you will be contacted by a member of the hospital staff advising if your operation is to take place or if it is postponed.’’

We need your feedback: If you have undertaken an appointment virtually, tell us what went well, what we can improve and what else you would like to see in the future: https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/news/local-hospitals-asking-feedback-virtual-appointments-consultations/