Community Diagnostic Centre at Montagu Hospital

The Montagu Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) provides a broad range of elective diagnostics, including checks, scans, and tests.

What is the Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC)?

The Montagu CDC provides a broad range of elective diagnostics, including checks, scans, and tests.

The service benefits from its location away from an acute hospital, by reducing emergency care demand in other hospitals and providing quicker access to tests in a convenient location.

CDCs are a national program to ensure everyone has the same access to quality care and improved health outcomes. There are over 160 similar centres across England, focused on delivering:

  • Improvements in population health outcomes
  • Increased diagnostic capacity through investments in new facilities, equipment, and clinical training
  • Enhanced service productivity and efficiency
  • Reduction in health inequalities
  • A better, more personalised diagnostic experience
  • Support for the integration of care across primary, secondary, and community care.

Services available at the CDC

Montagu CDC is home to a new endoscopy unit, which opened to the public in November 2023. This service offers additional appointments for Doncaster and Bassetlaw residents and will begin treating patients from the Rotherham and Barnsley areas in August 2024. The endoscopy service is currently supporting Sheffield Teaching Hospitals in reducing its waiting list through a mutual aid scheme by providing appointments at the CDC.

Specialist equipment offering state of the art diagnostic service at the CDC The reception area within the Endoscopy Suite at the Montagu CDC.

The Oral and Maxillofacial service moved into the CDC clinical rooms in May 2024, maximising their service by enabling clinicians to work collaboratively, improving cancer pathways, and increasing capacity.

The CDC will expand its service further, in October 2024 it will incorporate a dermoscopy clinic equipped with new diagnostic technology, and from January 2025, offer liver screening and surveillance.

Additionally, a brand-new state-of-the-art imaging suite, complete with CT, MRI, and ultrasound scanning facilities, is being built on the Montagu site and is expected to open to the public in Spring 2025.

Investing in Montagu Hospital

The CDC represents a significant investment in the Montagu Hospital site. Starting in 2021, Montagu Hospital was selected to host one of a pair of ‘Community Diagnostic Centres’ (CDC) within South Yorkshire, following a £3 million investment from the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System (ICS).

The CDC project began in January 2022 with a mobile MRI and CT scanner placed on site. Following this initial development, the Trust received funding of just over £9 million to take the project to its second phase in July 2022, with the development of a fully functional endoscopy suite including ultrasound facilities and other supportive clinical spaces.

Alongside this, a purpose-built facility housing an imaging suite is being constructed to complete the CDC service. It will contain Static CT, MRI and ultrasound scanning facilities, allowing for a substantial increase in the site’s capacity to undertake diagnostic tests for illnesses such as cancer.

Additionally, the CDC project has supported the build of an onsite generator capable of meeting the energy demands of the medical imaging equipment whilst also future-proofing the site for any further service expansion.

What services are available within the Montagu CDC service?

  • The Endoscopy Suite opened its doors to patients in December 2023.
  • The Medical Imaging Suite, due to open in Spring 2025.
  • The Montagu Elective Orthopaedic Centre (separate to the CDC, but related) opened in January 2024.

More about Montagu CDC

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