Local hospital invites residents to contribute to time capsule for Montagu Community Diagnostic Centre

Health professionals at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH) are excited to announce the inclusion of a time capsule in the foundations of the new imaging suite within the Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) at Montagu Hospital.

To make this moment truly special, the Trust is seeking suggestions from the local community in Mexborough, and wider throughout Doncaster and Bassetlaw, on what items should be included.

Time capsules are a wonderful way to capture the essence of a community for future generations. Colleagues at DBTH are looking for items that tell a story and have a meaningful connection to the local area. Some suggestions include:

  • A poem or story about life in the area.
  • A letter or record detailing care received at Montagu Hospital.
  • A painting or photograph of the hospital buildings and surrounding areas.
  • Current local press coverage of Montagu Hospital.

The project team involved in delivering the imaging suite would like to ask the public for their ideas or donation of items for consideration in the time capsule. Please send any suggestions, including your name and contact details, to dbth.comms@nhs.net by Friday 2 August 2024.

Two female colleagues stood in front of a blue door holding glass jars out of the time capsule.
Colleagues holding the time capsules discovered within the pillars of one of the entrances at Montagu Hospital in 2002.

Montagu Hospital has a rich tradition of preserving its history through time capsules. Notably, a time capsule was placed in the foundations of the operating theatres in 1987. Also, in 2002, two glass capsules from 1924 were found within the pillar bases at the hospital entrance. These historical items, which include newspaper clippings and hospital records, are now displayed in the boardroom at Montagu Hospital.

Suzy Brain England OBE, Chair at DBTH, said: “This time capsule represents a perfect opportunity to involve our local community to document our legacy as healthcare providers at Montagu.

“We hope this time capsule will inspire our future generations.”

The new time capsule will be embedded at the new imaging suite’s entrance at the Montagu CDC. The ceremonial placement is scheduled for early September 2024, therefore it is necessary to gather any items together before the deadline of Friday 2 August 2024.

An artist’s impression of the Montagu CDC building currently under construction.

Community Diagnostic Centres, such as the Montagu CDC, serve as one-stop-shops for various checks, scans, and tests. Since its inception in January 2022, the Montagu CDC service has grown to include a mobile MRI, CT scanner, a fully functional endoscopy suite, and multifunctional clinic rooms.

The imaging suite’s construction is expected to be completed in early 2025 and will feature an MRI room, a CT room, two ultrasound suites, a waiting area, and additional clinical support areas. The mobile scanning units will be in operation until the service opens in Spring 2025.

For more information on the CDC and its development, please visit https://www.dbth.nhs.uk/community-diagnostic-centre-at-montagu-hospital/.