DBTH Annual Members Meeting 2022

Our next Annual Members Meeting will take place on Thursday 29 September and will be streamed at 6pm.

Each year we invite our members to a meeting, giving an update on the Trust’s performance and progress within the year. During the meeting we will cover:

  • Our response to COVID-19
  • Our overall operational activity
  • Our highlights and challenges throughout the year
  • Our financial performance
  • An update on local, regional and national developments in health and social care
  • An update from our Lead Governor

Speakers will include:

  • Suzy Brain England OBE, Trust Chair
  • Richard Parker OBE, Chief Executive
  • Alex Crickmar, Acting Director of Finance
  • Lynne Schuller, Lead Governor
  • Along with other senior colleagues throughout the Trust.

At 6pm on Thursday 29 September you will be able to watch the event using a YouTube link which will be made available below.

Meeting link:

Meeting papers:


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Pre-meeting sessions:

This year’s Annual Members Lecture took place earlier this year (note, this is separate from the above Annual Members Meeting) and focused upon COVID-19, as well as other highlights throughout the year. While some of this will touched upon within the AMM, they are interesting sessions to view:

  • An overview of the year: We hear from our Executive Medical Director, Dr Tim Noble, who explains the challenges we have faced this year, as well as gives a brief overview of the past 12 months and how we have moved forward, whilst still working in the context of a pandemic.

  • An update on COVID-19: We hear from Miriam Boyack, Lead Nurse for Infection Prevention and Control who discusses our current position in respect to COVID-19, as well as some of the infection prevention and control policies we continue to work with.

  • Research and the pandemic: We hear from a range of colleagues within this team to understand how research has carried on despite the challenges of COVID-19, and what innovations we are involved with.

  • Wednesday 13 July at 2pm: Working differently to deliver cancer care: We hear from Dr Tim Wilson amongst other colleagues about innovations we have implemented to speed up certain diagnosis pathways, as well as how we are enhancing the experience for patients within the Trust.

  • Meeting recruitment challenges: Getting the right people in the right roles is difficult for all NHS providers. We have recently worked with an international recruiter to bring a number of overseas nurses to the Trust – lead for this project, Ruby Faruqi explains.
  • Our People priorities: Our new Chief People Officer, Zoe Lintin, explains our intentions for the future in regards to the NHS People Plan, and how we intend to move forward as an employer.

  • Looking to the future: While COVID-19 will be with us for some time to come, as a Trust we must plan for the future and move forward beyond the pandemic. Jon Sargeant, Deputy Chief Executive, and Dr Kirsty Edmondson Jones, Director of Innovation and Infrastructure explain more.