About the team

It takes many different staff members to deliver our R&D service. These include multiple healthcare professional across our organisation.

Within our core R&D team, our Research Support and Management team and Research Delivery team provide comprehensive support to our researchers and partners by:

  • Ensuring a comprehensive feasibility assessment is undertaken to ensure accuracy and reliability of feasibility information
  • Ensuring that a robust recruitment plan is in place, which is deliverable within the context of the relevant Trust
  • Ensuring that all Research applications are processed and approved in a timely manner
  • Sharing joint performance targets with key stakeholders, including the time taken from confirmation of capacity and capability to first patient recruited to ensure study initiation is timely
  • Closely performance managing all research to ensure consistent delivery to time and target in accordance with predefined study goals

For any R&D related queries, please contact us via telephone: 01302 644073 or email: dbth.clinicalresearch@nhs.net.

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