Medicines Formulary

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The contents of this formulary are reviewed on a rolling programme by the Formulary Liaison Group (members include Secondary Care and Primary Care Clinicians and Pharmacists) and is approved by the Drug and Therapeutics Committee in Secondary Care and the appropriate forum in Primary Care. Advice is sought from an appropriate consultant, where specialism is required.

Section 1: Gastro-Intestinal System
Section 2: Cardiovascular System
Section 3: Respiratory System
Section 4: Central Nervous System
Section 5: Antibiotic Guidelines
Section 6: Endocrine System
Section 7: Obstetrics, Gynaecology & UT Disorders
Section 9: Nutrition & Blood
Section 10: Musculoskeletal & Joint Disease
Section 11: Drugs Acting on the Eye
Section 12: Ear, Nose & Oropharynx
Section 13: Drugs Acting on the Skin
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