The shuttle service at Doncaster Royal Infirmary will change from 5 June

Following changes made during the pandemic, the shuttle service at Doncaster Royal Infirmary (DRI) will return to its usual route, with a few key variations.

In early 2020, the shuttle services running from Doncaster Royal Infirmary to Bassetlaw Hospital, Montagu Hospital and the Park and Ride facility at Doncaster Race Course changed, with patients picked up and dropped off at the site’s South Block entrance. Following developments on site, and rescinding of many of the organisation’s COVID-19 related restrictions, the drop-off points will change from Monday 5 June.

The DRI Park and Ride and Montagu shuttles will now utilise two public bus stops on Armthorpe Road (outside Gate 4) and Thorne Road (between Gates 1 and 2), stopping at each respectively.

Unfortunately, the shuttles will not be able to idle at these stops, and will operate like a normal bus taking on and dropping off passengers before moving off. The timetables for both the Park and Ride and Montagu shuttle remain the same and are available on the Trust’s website.

Additionally, the shuttle service to Bassetlaw Hospital will utilise the former stop used prior to the pandemic which is situated opposite the Emergency Department and Outpatients Department.

Howard Timms, Acting Director of Estates and Facilities, said: “We have made these changes as we recognise that our current stop outside South Block poses challenges to patients and colleagues due to its location. The change was initially made during the pandemic and was always temporary to accommodate the changes we made to the flow of our sites to limit infection.

“Our intention was always to return all shuttles to the former location at Gate 3, however, with increased ambulance traffic, this has meant we have limited capacity for all of our shuttles to pick-up and deposit passengers in this area. The changes we have detailed allow us to enhance our ambulance capacity, whilst ensuring individuals have a suitable drop-off point which is close to an entrance.”

The timetable schedules and run frequency will remain unchanged and can be viewed here:

The shuttle stop that was erected outside of South Block will be dismantled and no longer in use following 5 June.