We offer rehabilitation of people recovering from serious illness or injury at the Rehab Centre, Montagu Hospital.

The Rehab Unit is specially designed, built, equipped and staffed to provide care for patients who have completed treatment for an illness or injury but aren’t quite well enough to return home.

The unit cares for people who are recovering from stroke, road traffic accidents, amputations, serious falls and other conditions or events that require intensive therapeutic, medical and nursing care.  Patients in the Rehab unit have access to a gym which is used to build up their strength to get back to regular activities, a training bathroom, training kitchen, training bedroom and even a training laundry, as well as an IT suite and quiet spaces where patients can spend time reading or practicing other skills as part of their recovery.

Patients wear their own clothes and are encouraged to be up and about all day, using the kitchen facilities to make hot drinks, breakfast or snacks as if they were at home.  There are normal household stairs and carpets, as well as the shallower steps usually found in hospitals, to help patients get used to walking on different surfaces in readiness for going home.

There are two flats in the centre where patients and a relative or carer can spend their final days before leaving hospital to get used to living in a normal domestic environment again after their illness or injury.

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