Disclosure Log

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to obtain information held by public authorities, unless there are good reasons to keep it confidential.

We regularly publish responses to our requests (from January 2019 onwards) in our Disclosure Log.

This is the information we have made available in response to requests considered under the FOI Act or Environmental Information Regulations. These will be updated on a regular basis:

Date SubmittedCategorySummary
02/01/2019MedicalPsoriatic Arthritis and Ankylosing Arthritis (last 12 months)
03/01/2019Human Resources (HR)Staff support and counselling service
03/01/2019Surgery and CancerPelvic organ prolapse (2017/18)
04/01/2019Quality and GovernanceSerious incidents involving ligature points (2015 to date)
07/01/2019Human Resources (HR)Cases of bullying and sexual harassment (2013-2018)
07/01/2019Information Technology (ICT)Social engineering
08/01/2019Finance and FundingEU settled status applications fee
08/01/2019Infection and ControlInfected Blood Inquiry
09/01/2019Complaints and FeedbackComplaints made to the end of life care strategy group (last 3 years)
09/01/2019Surgery and CancerCommon eye procedures carried out (2016-2018)
09/01/2019Overseas VisitorsGuidance on implementing the overseas visitor charging regulations
10/01/2019Finance and FundingEU settlement scheme fee
10/01/2019Procurement and SupplyUniform supplier (2017/18)
10/01/2019PharmacyIntra-vitreal vials/Implants (September - December 2018)
10/01/2019Medical ImagingUltrasound guided procedures (FY 2016-2018)
10/01/2019Children and FamiliesGenital operations (2014-2018)
11/01/2019Finance and FundingIncome generated from food and drink vending machines (2015-2018)
11/01/2019PharmacyMedicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) inspection
11/01/2019PharmacyPatients treated with Asthma
14/01/2019Infection and ControlInfection prevention and control service
14/01/2019Human Resources (HR)Dermatology staffing
15/01/2019Legal and Risk ServicesOff-payroll legislation
16/01/2019Human Resources (HR)Grievances (2013-2019)
16/01/2019Infection and ControlDeprox decontamination services
17/01/2019Agency and Bank StaffAHP/HSS agency staffing spend (2017/18)
18/01/2019Training & EducationTrainees and compliance with HEE guidance
18/01/2019Policies and ProceduresInformation sharing arrangements (2015-2018)
21/01/2019Communications and EngagementInduction of Labour (IOL) leaflet
21/01/2019MedicalCare of Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell patients (2008-2018)
21/01/2019Training & EducationMedical Equipment Training
22/01/2019Medical ImagingUltrasound Imaging (2018)
22/01/2019Structure and FunctionContact details for the CEO and Medical Director
23/01/2019Information Technology (ICT)PACS contract
24/01/2019Human Resources (HR)Volunteer staffing
24/01/2019Information Technology (ICT)EPR and PAS provision
25/01/2019Medical EngineeringLength of colonoscopes used within colonoscopies
28/01/2019Finance and FundingHighest amount paid to a locum doctor (2018)
28/01/2019Policies and ProceduresPEG referral, insertion, and after care protocols and policies
28/01/2019Surgery and CancerImplant based reconstructions (last 12 months)
29/01/2019MedicalGHB overdoses (2017/2018)
29/01/2019Information Technology (ICT)Computer assisted facilities management system
29/01/2019Procurement and SupplyTrocars supplier
31/01/2019Finance and FundingTransaction volumes
01/02/2019Policies and ProceduresRecycling employer pension contributions
04/02/2019Fire and SecurityMHPS investigations relating to sexual harassment or inappropriate sexualised behaviour (2013-2018)
04/02/2019Procurement and SupplyInsourced clinical services
04/02/2019MedicalEnd of life care (2011-2018)
04/02/2019Medical EngineeringLaparoscopic monopolar scissors, laparoscopic Maryland dissectors and laparoscopic graspers
05/02/2019Policies and ProceduresReports relating to a 'no deal' Brexit
05/02/2019Policies and ProceduresDocuments relating to Brexit risk, or contingency planning in the event of Brexit (since June 2016)
05/02/2019MedicalProvision of Asthma services
07/02/2019Finance and FundingFinancial penalties (2011-2018)
07/02/2019Overseas VisitorsDebt collection firms (2016-2018)
08/02/2019Fire and SecurityThefts from patients (2016-2018)
11/02/2019Human Resources (HR)Lease cars (2018)
11/02/2019Overseas VisitorsOverseas visitors - staffing and payments
11/02/2019Quality and GovernancePrevention of Future Deaths Report
11/02/2019Information Technology (ICT)Local Area Network (LAN) environment
13/02/2019Children and FamiliesChildren requiring dental treatment under general anaesthetic (GA)
14/02/2019Policies and ProceduresAseptic technique used by the Trust
14/02/2019PharmacySynacthen 250mcg/ml injections (last 10 years)
14/02/2019Children and FamiliesNon-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)
15/02/2019Information Technology (ICT)Digital dictation solution
15/02/2019Structure and FunctionContact details for operational managers
18/02/2019Human Resources (HR)Consultant obstetricians and anaesthetists staffing
18/02/2019Overseas VisitorsOverseas patient charges by category (since October 2017)
18/02/2019Children and FamiliesOutpatient hysteroscopy/biopsy - RCOG 2018 statement on Pain Control and Patient Choice
18/02/2019Surgery and CancerDeep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (2018)
19/02/2019Estates and FacilitiesNitrite-cured ham in patient meals
19/02/2019Structure and FunctionContact details for staff responsible for the Procurement of Telecoms and IT Hardware and Services
19/02/2019Finance and FundingOver £25K spend data in machine readable format (since January 2016)
19/02/2019Information Technology (ICT)Mobile phone contract
20/02/2019Quality and GovernanceBowel Management Patient Safety Alert
20/02/2019Medical ImagingWaiting times for routine outpatient radiology reports
20/02/2019Surgery and CancerColonoscopies and bowel cleansing preparations (2018)
20/02/2019Medical EngineeringAir flow systems
21/02/2019PharmacyGaseous and intravenous anaesthetic agents
21/02/2019Human Resources (HR)Diabetes care - staffing, pay and vacancies
21/02/2019Legal and Risk ServicesHospital negligence claims relating to deep vein thrombosis (last 5 financial years)
22/02/2019EmergencyAmbulatory cardiac monitoring
22/02/2019Agency and Bank StaffA&E agency staffing (2018)
25/02/2019Human Resources (HR)Unfilled A&E shifts (2015-2019)
25/02/2019Children and FamiliesAutism assessments (2017/18)
25/02/2019MedicalAssisted dying
25/02/2019Information Technology (ICT)Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
26/02/2019Information Technology (ICT)Cyber security
26/02/2019Medical ImagingSecuracath ITP
26/02/2019MedicalSleep apnoea
26/02/2019Information Technology (ICT)Personal health record supplier
27/02/2019Procurement and SupplyInfant formula milk provider
27/02/2019EmergencyA&E assault cases (2018)
28/02/2019Information Technology (ICT)Dep maternity and document management systems
28/02/2019Policies and ProceduresPolicies, guidance and care plans for the prevention and management of falls
01/03/2019MedicalRubber band ligation of haemorrhoids (2018)
06/03/2019Children and FamiliesConsultant led maternity units
06/03/2019Agency and Bank StaffAgency and bank midwives (2018)
06/03/2019Information Technology (ICT)Digitisation of patient records
07/03/2019Finance and FundingLosses and special payments (2017/18)
08/03/2019Information Governance (IG)Freedom of Information demand (2018)
08/03/2019PharmacyDOAC and NOAC medications
11/03/2019Children and FamiliesRCOG Hysteroscopy, Best Practice in Outpatient (Green-top Guideline No. 59)
11/03/2019Information Technology (ICT)NEWS2 solution
12/03/2019Quality and GovernancePatient falls (2009-2018)
12/03/2019MedicalVenous leg ulcers
13/03/2019Clinical SpecialitiesOrthotic Services and Products
13/03/2019Fire and SecurityKnife injury and knife crime
14/03/2019Human Resources (HR)Non-resident on call accommodation for junior doctors
14/03/2019Agency and Bank StaffUse of staff banks as a key part of the effective management of temporary staffing
15/03/2019PharmacyLoss of antibiotic drugs in IV infusion lines
18/03/2019Human Resources (HR)Disciplinary proceedings relating to use of social media (2018/19)
18/03/2019Quality and GovernanceDeaths of patients with a learning disability and serious incidents
18/03/2019Overseas VisitorsMigrant parents/guardians charged upfront for the treatment of their children (October 2017 to date)
19/03/2019Policies and ProceduresGuidelines for the management of preterm labour and delivery AND ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage
22/03/2019PharmacyUse of Vyxeos to treat patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
26/03/2019Information Technology (ICT)ICT strategy and expenditure for secure mobile working
26/03/2019Children and FamiliesHIV prevalence rates (2013-2017)
28/03/2019Structure and FunctionFinance and procurement structure chart
28/03/2019Procurement and SupplyWaste management company used to collect dental consumables and contaminated sharps
29/03/2019Human Resources (HR)Sexual misconduct, harassment and assault allegations made against staff (2014-2018)
29/03/2019Information Technology (ICT)Digital technology leadership
02/04/2019Procurement and SupplyPolymer clips and disposable automatic clip appliers
02/04/2019EmergencyAcute myocardial infraction (AMI)
03/04/2019Quality and GovernanceClinical service incidents caused by E&F failure (2018/19) and patient discharged from hospital during the night (2017/18)
04/04/2019Procurement and SupplyHand drying systems
04/04/2019Estates and FacilitiesPest control (2017-2019)
08/04/2019Procurement and SupplyDisposable/reusable nappies (2018/19)
08/04/2019Policies and ProceduresBrexit Impact Assessments
08/04/2019MedicalPatient self-Assessment prior to referral to Functional Bowel/IBS Clinic
08/04/2019Information Technology (ICT)Communications with patients, friends and family
08/04/2019PharmacyUnits of Prolia (denosumab 60mg) dispensed (2017/18)
09/04/2019Human Resources (HR)British Sign Language interpreters
10/04/2019Infection and ControlDrug resistant infections (2014-2018)
11/04/2019Finance and FundingSpend on organisations (2014-2019)
12/04/2019Finance and FundingOver £25,000 spend (last 12 months)
15/04/2019Children and FamiliesBabies born weighing 12lbs (5443g) or more (2018)
15/04/2019Policies and ProceduresTypes of correspondence used when diagnostic results for Down syndrome are given in a written format
15/04/2019Information Technology (ICT)Radiology Information System (RIS) contract
15/04/2019Estates and FacilitiesNon-fire retardant buildings
16/04/2019Infection and ControlCandida auris cases (since 2009)
16/04/2019Children and FamiliesSexual health postal testing kits (last 3 financial years)
17/04/2019Medical EngineeringSingle use 5mm laparoscopic suction irrigation device
17/04/2019Structure and FunctionCore and escalation beds - open and occupied (during the 35 days following 3rd March 2019)
18/04/2019Human Resources (HR)Obstetric unit staffing
24/04/2019Children and FamiliesPaediatric audiology services (2019/20)
24/04/2019PharmacyMedicines management, prescribing and formulary committees
26/04/2019Procurement and SupplyContracts relating to works in the built environment
26/04/2019Medical EngineeringRadiology and Ultrasound equipment
29/04/2019Overseas VisitorsOverseas patient upfront tariff
29/04/2019Complaints and FeedbackComplaints received by patients relating to staff discriminating them for being overweight or obese (2016-2018)
29/04/2019Finance and FundingApprenticeship levy funds (2017-2019)
29/04/2019Medical EngineeringMRI and CT scan waiting times
30/04/2019MedicalAdult (aged 17 and above) deaths (2017/18)
30/04/2019Policies and ProceduresSupport offered to homeless patients
03/05/2019Clinical SpecialitiesAdult neuro-rehabilitation
03/05/2019Structure and FunctionContact details for senior staff members
07/05/2019Overseas VisitorsHospital Charging Regulations (2017-2019)
07/05/2019Children and FamiliesHome births (2016-2019)
07/05/2019Estates and FacilitiesCoal burned for fuel, electricity or heating (2016-2018)
08/05/2019Medical EngineeringTheatre wall suction system
08/05/2019Medical EngineeringCT and DEXA imaging equipment
09/05/2019Medical EngineeringCardiac stress test equipment
09/05/2019Procurement and SupplyAV equipment, services and video conferencing
10/05/2019Policies and ProceduresAdmissions protocol to identify UK Armed Forces Veterans
14/05/2019Policies and ProceduresProtocol used for patients taking NOACs who have sustained a neck of femur fracture injury
14/05/2019Human Resources (HR)Retention rate and promotional opportunities for staff (2016-2019)
15/05/2019Agency and Bank StaffDirect engagement (DE/VAT saving model for Locums or any other staff group)
15/05/2019Medical EngineeringRadiology provision - systems and equipment
16/05/2019Agency and Bank StaffLocum agency spend
20/05/2019Information Governance (IG)Subject Acess Request (SAR) demand
20/05/2019Agency and Bank StaffAgency staffing contracts
20/05/2019Fire and SecuritySecurity management
20/05/2019Infection and ControlCellular pathology services (Histology)
20/05/2019PharmacyPharmacy units dispensed (last 6 months)
21/05/2019Legal and Risk ServicesCounter fraud provison
21/05/2019Surgery and CancerCancer treatment
24/05/2019Surgery and CancerHymen reconstruction surgeries
24/05/2019EmergencyGP streaming in A&E departments
28/05/2019Human Resources (HR)International recruitment
28/05/2019Infection and ControlDiagnosis of MRSA and c.diff
28/05/2019PharmacyBiologics and Biosimilar prescribing (last 12 months)
29/05/2019Surgery and CancerGlaucoma patient pathway
29/05/2019Estates and FacilitiesEstates asset register and STP plan
29/05/2019Policies and ProceduresPractices undertaken when receiving a Subject Access Request (SAR)
29/05/2019Human Resources (HR)Ad hoc pension recycling arrangements
30/05/2019Finance and FundingTotal operating/stated budgets and headcount (2018-2020)
30/05/2019Human Resources (HR)Acute stroke unit staffing (2017/18)
31/05/2019Human Resources (HR)Annual leave allowance for operating department staff (2018-2020)
31/05/2019Medical ImagingCoronary CT Angiography scans with non-invasive FFR analysis or HeartFlow analysis (2017-2019)
03/06/2019Medical EngineeringManagement of medical devices
03/06/2019MedicalAcute bowel ischemia
03/06/2019Procurement and SupplyContract register
04/06/2019Quality and GovernanceStop smoking services (2015-2019)
06/06/2019Policies and ProceduresSocial media policy
06/06/2019Procurement and SupplyOut of Hours GP provision
10/06/2019Fire and SecurityAssault related admissions to A&E involving a bladed article (since January 2019)
10/06/2019Information Technology (ICT)ePMA system
10/06/2019Children and FamiliesGroup B Strep guidelines, patient information materials and rates of neonatal infection
11/06/2019Surgery and CancerProvision of 'orthoptic-led' and/or 'non-orthoptic-led' vision screening
11/06/2019Structure and FunctionLeadership roles
11/06/2019Structure and FunctionHospitals managed by DBTH
11/06/2019Overseas VisitorsInvoices exceeding £10,000 for overseas visitors
11/06/2019PerformanceEnd of life care plan targets (last 3 years)
13/06/2019Human Resources (HR)Employee suspensions
14/06/2019Clinical SpecialitiesSpecialist Stroke Unit
14/06/2019MedicalAverage length of stay for all male patients over the age of 80, admitted for at least one night and discharged alive
14/06/2019Structure and FunctionMost up to date Organisational Structure Chart
18/06/2019MedicalDNAR orders (2011-2018)
18/06/2019Information Technology (ICT)Telephone system maintenance contract
19/06/2019PerformanceAcute services/unit suspensions (2016-2018)
20/06/2019MedicalCommunity Equipment Service
24/06/2019Agency and Bank StaffOff-framework agency usage (2019)
25/06/2019Surgery and CancerBreast cancer
25/06/2019Information Technology (ICT)IT infrastructure (2018/19)
25/06/2019PerformanceMissed out-patient appointments (2015-2018)
25/06/2019Estates and FacilitiesPatient feeding and retail catering
26/06/2019PharmacyGuidelines relating to high cost drug pathway or stepped approach to biologic prescribing in Rheumatoid Arthritis
26/06/2019Information Technology (ICT)IA and RPA processes
26/06/2019PharmacyUnlicensed medicines policy
27/06/2019EmergencyAdder bites (last 10 years)
27/06/2019Agency and Bank StaffUse of agency and bank staff (2018/19)
01/07/2019Policies and ProceduresPolicies relating to appointments and / or consultations that are held in private settings
01/07/2019Overseas VisitorsDebt collection firms used to recover costs from overseas visitors
01/07/2019Structure and FunctionContact details for staff within Quality and Governance
02/07/2019Estates and FacilitiesHospital parking charges
02/07/2019Information Technology (ICT)System contracts relating to EPR, CRM HR and Finance software
03/07/2019Communications and EngagementCorporate communications
03/07/2019Children and FamiliesKawasaki Disease (2016-2018)
04/07/2019Information Technology (ICT)Web filtering solution
08/07/2019Children and FamiliesClinical provision for children who stammer
09/07/2019Estates and FacilitiesFaeces coming through floor
11/07/2019Children and FamiliesTransfusion services in Maternity
11/07/2019Policies and ProceduresInstant messaging by clinicians
11/07/2019Human Resources (HR)Support offered to employees experiencing domestic abuse
15/07/2019Information Technology (ICT)Benchmarking tools
15/07/2019Information Technology (ICT)ICT operational documents
15/07/2019Children and FamiliesCare pathway for mothers who receive a positive screen result for Down syndrome
15/07/2019Children and FamiliesPessary care
16/07/2019Policies and ProceduresRisk assessments and planning documents relating to an increase in staffing vacancies as a result of Brexit (last 3 months)
16/07/2019PerformanceOperations cancelled for non-clinical reasons (2016-2019)
17/07/2019Overseas VisitorsImmigration Enforcement Checking and Advisory Service (IECAS) 
17/07/2019Human Resources (HR)Disabled staff
18/07/2019Overseas VisitorsBritish citizens with resident status in a non-EEA country who were denied non-emergency medical treatment
18/07/2019Medical EngineeringPressure area care devices and procurement processes
18/07/2019Infection and ControlInfected Blood Inquiry (January - July 2019)
18/07/2019Information Technology (ICT)Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution
18/07/2019Information Technology (ICT)Clinical systems used in Pathology, Radiology, Endoscopy and Cardiology
18/07/2019Information Technology (ICT)Order communications and results reporting solution
18/07/2019Finance and FundingNICE Guidelines and its impact on procurement, and access to the market
22/07/2019Surgery and CancerPercutaneous Coronary Intervention
22/07/2019MedicalPost mortem activity
23/07/2019Information Technology (ICT)Patient self-check-in kiosks
23/07/2019Clinical SpecialitiesAssessing variation in Axial Spondyloarthritis Services
23/07/2019Fire and SecurityAssaults which took place at inpatient mental health facilities
23/07/2019Information Technology (ICT)Learning Management System (LMS)
23/07/2019Quality and GovernanceRisk registers from all inpatient mental health facilities
25/07/2019MedicalHomozygous Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (HoFH)
29/07/2019Procurement and SupplyRefrigeration units purchased (last 5 years)
29/07/2019Human Resources (HR)Racist, Verbal and physical incidents (2013-2019)
31/07/2019Human Resources (HR)Staffing within Medical Imaging
01/08/2019Information Governance (IG)Violations of patient privacy
01/08/2019Infection and ControlReporting of histology cases
02/08/2019Estates and FacilitiesCar parking management

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