Disclosure Log

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to obtain information held by public authorities, unless there are good reasons to keep it confidential.

We regularly publish responses to our requests (from January 2019 onwards) in our Disclosure Log.

This is the information we have made available in response to requests considered under the FOI Act or Environmental Information Regulations. These will be updated on a regular basis:

03/01/2019Human Resources (HR)Staff support and counselling service
07/01/2019Information Technology (IT)Social engineering
14/01/2019Infection and ControlInfection prevention and control service
16/01/2019Human Resources (HR)Grievances (2013-2019)
28/01/2019Agency and Bank StaffHighest amount paid to a locum doctor (2018)
05/02/2019Policies and ProceduresReports relating to a 'no deal Brexit
07/02/2019Finance and FundingFinancial penalties (2011-2018)
07/02/2019Overseas VisitorsDebt collection firms (2016-2018)
08/02/2019Fire and SecurityThefts from patients (2016-2018)
11/02/2019Overseas VisitorsOverseas visitors - staffing and payments
18/02/2019Overseas VisitorsOverseas patient charges by category (since October 2017)
19/02/2019Finance and FundingOver £25K spend in a machine readable format (since January 2016)
22/02/2019EmergencyAmbulatory cardiac monitoring
22/02/2019Agency and Bank StaffA&E agency staffing (2018)
25/02/2019Human Resources (HR)Unfilled A&E shifts (2015-2019)
25/02/2019Information Technology (IT)Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
26/02/2019MedicalSleep apnoea
06/03/2019Children and FamiliesConsultant led maternity units
12/03/2019Quality and GovernancePatient falls (2009-2018)
14/03/2019Human Resources (HR)Non-resident on call accommodation for junior doctors
08/04/2019Procurement and SupplyDisposable/reusable nappies (2018/19)
24/04/2019PharmacyMedicines management, prescribing and formulary committees
26/04/2019Medical EngineeringRadiology and Ultrasound equipment
29/04/2019Medical ImagingMRI and CT scan waiting times
30/04/2019Policies and ProceduresSupport offered to homeless patients
09/05/2019Procurement and SupplyAV equipment, services and video conferencing
14/05/2019Human Resources (HR)Retention rate and promotional opportunities for staff (2016-2019)
15/05/2019Agency and Bank StaffDirect engagement (DE/VAT saving model for Locums or any other staff group)
16/05/2019Agency and Bank StaffLocum agency doctor spend
20/05/2019Agency and Bank StaffAgency staffing contracts
21/05/2019Legal and Risk ServicesCounter fraud provision
29/05/2019Estates and FacilitiesEstates asset register and STP plan
03/06/2019Overseas VisitorsCost and cost recovery of charging overseas visitors
04/06/2019Quality and GovernanceStop smoking services (2015-2019)
11/06/2019Overseas VisitorsInvoices exceeding £10,000 for overseas visitors
18/06/2019Information Technology (IT)Telephone system maintenance contract
25/06/2019PerformanceMissed out-patient appointments (2015-2018)
25/06/2019Estates and FacilitiesPatient feeding and retail catering
27/06/2019Agency and Bank StaffUse of agency and bank staff (FY 2018/19)
01/07/2019Overseas VisitorsDebt collection firms used to recover costs from overseas visitors
02/07/2019Estates and FacilitiesHospital parking charges
03/07/2019Children and FamiliesKawasaki Disease (2016-2018)
11/07/2019Children and FamiliesTransfusion services in Maternity
15/07/2019Information Technology (IT)ICT operational documents
15/07/2019Children and FamiliesPessary care
16/07/2019PerformanceOperations cancelled for non-clinical reasons (2016-2019)
18/07/2019Overseas VisitorsBritish citizens with resident status in a non-EEA country who were denied non-emergency medical treatment
18/07/2019Information Technology (IT)Order communications and results reporting solution
23/07/2019Information Technology (IT)Patient self-check-in kiosks
29/07/2019Procurement and SupplyRefrigeration units purchased (last 5 years)
29/07/2019Human Resources (HR)Racist, Verbal and physical incidents (2013-2019)
31/07/2019Human Resources (HR)Staffing within Medical Imaging
01/08/2019Infection and ControlReporting of histology cases
02/08/2019Estates and FacilitiesCar parking management
07/08/2019Clinical SpecialitiesPatients in a vegetative or minimally conscious state
13/08/2019Children and FamiliesVaginal mesh surgery
13/08/2019Structure and FunctionPrivate patient activity
15/08/2019Estates and FacilitiesOwned green space(s) and total greenhouse gas emissions (2018/19)
19/08/2019PerformanceDelayed transfers of care (DTOC)
19/08/2019Nursing and MidwiferyRegistered Mental Health Nurses
28/08/2019Agency and Bank StaffMedical locum shifts (FY 2017-2020)
28/08/2019Children and FamiliesInductions of labour carried out between April 2018 and March 2019
02/09/2019Children and FamiliesRed and green book for community midwifery and home health visiting
02/09/2019Finance and FundingSpend on translations services (2014-2019)
03/09/2019Quality and GovernanceMajor incidents in ICT (last 3 months)
04/09/2019MedicalDermatitis and asthma patients
06/09/2019Information Technology (IT)Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions
10/09/2019CommunicationsOutsourcing patient communications
11/09/2019Structure and FunctionContact details for SIRO, DPO and Caldicott Guardian
12/09/2019Clinical SpecialitiesHospital laboratories
12/09/2019Children and FamiliesAutologous cell salvage in obstetrics units
13/09/2019Information Technology (IT)Patient record integration/sharing system
13/09/2019PharmacyGout and bowel cleanser products
17/09/2019EmergencyFinished Admission Episodes (FAEs) for Dog-related injuries (2012 to date)
18/09/2019Human Resources (HR)Representatives sent abroad to recruit international staff (2015-2019)
20/09/2019PharmacyIntra-vitreal vials/implants (last 4 months)
24/09/2019Medical EngineeringEquipment used within Ophthalmology
26/09/2019Surgery and CancerBowel preparation for colonoscopy procedure
26/09/2019Finance and FundingCar parking charges (FY 2017-2019)
26/09/2019Information Technology (IT)IT Service Management (ITSM) software
27/09/2019Quality and GovernanceDeaths relating to malnutrition (2015-2018)
03/10/2019Infection and ControlFlu jabs for frontline workers (2018/19)
08/10/2019Surgery and Cancer Hip and knee referral-to-treatment (RTT) times for Trauma & Orthopaedics
08/10/2019Information Technology (IT)Fax machines
08/10/2019Children and FamiliesMaternity statistics (2015-2018)
09/10/2019Estates and FacilitiesHospital food
10/10/2019Information Technology (IT)IT and telecommunication equipment disposal process
14/10/2019Estates and FacilitiesVending machines (last 5 years)
14/10/2019Finance and FundingAgency and bank staffing (FY 2018/19)
23/10/2019Procurement and SupplyOphthalmic surgery
21/11/2019Human Resources (HR)Sick days relating to stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions
09/12/2019Information Technology (IT)Computer operating systems
16/12/2019Emergency Chief complaints made by patients admitted to A&E (last three years)

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