Celebrating 72 years of the NHS

Today (Sunday 5 July), it is 72 years since the NHS was founded.

Since March, the NHS has been at the vanguard of an extraordinary and unprecedented health crisis. Across the country, hospitals have dealt with this challenge admirably, caring for people when they need it most. For this we share our unending gratitude and thank them as we mark the NHS’ 72nd birthday.

Richard Parker, Chief Executive at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals, said: “I believe that the health service is the jewel in the crown of this nation, but given the unprecedented times we have, and continue, to live through I think it is beyond doubt that the NHS is absolutely essential and we depend upon all of the staff who work so hard to provide these great services. I have always been extremely proud to work for this institution and over the past four months I have been even more so due to the way in which I have witnessed Team DBTH rise to the extraordinary challenges presented by Covid 19.

“Although it is hard not to dwell on recent history, when marking an occasion such as today, I believe it is so important to reflect on the profound effect every member of Team DBTH has on our local communities 365 days a year. Regardless of role, service or grade, we are all here to ensure we deliver the highest quality of care for our patients. This requires a huge number of interlocking services and professions to play their part and through our collective efforts we continue to show what can be achieved.

“For those working today, I share my deep thanks and appreciation and hope you can take a few minutes to celebrate and join the round of applause outside of services at 5pm. For those at home, I hope you will raise a glass to the NHS and to Team DBTH.”

Saying thank you and remembering