Celebrating Allied Health Professionals

Colleagues have put together a short film, detailing and celebrating the role of Allied Health Professionals (AHP) within our Trust.

AHPs account for many diverse and key roles within the trust, ranging from Speech and Language Therapists and Dietitians, to Art Therapists and Radiographers, as well as Physiotherapists.

This diverse range of health make up emergency response teams, provide rehabilitation and diagnosis for both mental and physical conditions and work to ensure patients achieve a high quality of life through their quality of care.

AHPs are the third largest healthcare workforce, and today is an annual opportunity colleagues to come together and celebrate being part of the AHP family, providing an opportunity to showcase to others the impact they make to the delivery of high-quality patient care, each and every day.

We share our Director of Allied Health Professionals, Jodie Roberts, with Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH). Below you can find two videos, one from our Trust, and the other from RDaSH, celebrating these colleagues: