Changes to our Neonatal Unit visiting

We are always reviewing our current visiting restrictions on the Neonatal unit to make sure that parents can spend time with their little ones whilst staying safe. The restrictions below are currently in place:

  • One parent will be the designated visitor and they would be the only parent who could be resident on the unit.
  • The second parent can visit for one period of time per day, however only one parent can be in the nursery with the baby at one time to maintain social distancing measures.
  • If the designated parent is not resident they must leave the unit while the second parent is visiting. We encourage you to return home and avoid remaining in the hospital during this time.
  • If the designated parent is resident then both parents can spend time in the resident room together, but can still only visit their baby in the nursery one parent at a time. If your baby is stable enough to be in the resident room with you then the baby must be brought out of the room for any nursing intervention unless both parents are wearing face masks.
  • Please maintain social distancing in communal areas such as the kitchen or sitting rooms and continue to use masks, aprons and gloves when in the nursery due to the environment not allowing for social distancing.
  • There will not be set visiting times for the second parent as this will allow for staggering of visitors.
  • As per normal visiting restrictions for this vulnerable group of babies, no visitors who have any illness symptoms will be allowed to visit (including designated visitor).

Thank you for your understanding at this challenging time.