Digitalised X-ray room opens at Doncaster Royal Infirmary

The installation of a new general X-ray room marks a now fully-digitalised service at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Up until recently, most X-Rays have been undertaken using cassettes to capture images, which are then used to aid in the diagnosis of a patient. With the installation of new equipment, individuals can be x-rayed, with the image coming straight through onto a computer screen significantly increasing the speed at which radiographer can work within the hospital.

The equipment used to achieve this way of working is a Siemens Ysio Max with the project cost being just over £250,000, and all types of patients can be imaged in the newly refurbished general X-Ray room. The table also goes super low to allow patients to get on easily which means it’s perfect for children and those with complex needs.

Bespoke and colourful graphics touch the ceiling and floor of the wall behind the x-ray table; a purposeful choice to help distract nervous patients said Sara Elliott, Head of Radiology at DRI.

Graphics were commissioned by the trust from Keane Creative (local company in Doncaster) and are unique to this room. They have been printed and installed by SPJ Marketing Limited.

“The design is bright and cheerful to help distract patients and alleviate fears of being in a hospital, undergoing tests for diagnosis. We also wanted to create an environment that staff enjoyed working in too.” Sara explained.

Sara went on: “This newly refurbished space, which is large enough to accommodate beds as and when they are wheeled in, will significantly improve the way in which we work – both speeding up the process as well as providing a wonderful working environment.”

Throughout the Trust, a total of over 440,000 radiology examinations are carried out each year.