Director of Education and Research appointed

In October 2019, we brought together our Training, Education, Research and Development services to form the new directorate of Education and Research.

Throughout the past number of years, we have made significant strides within these services. To help deliver further upon our ambitions, on 6 December, we appointed Dr Alasdair Strachan as Director of Education and Research who will help to further establish the new directorate, as well as develop a new strategy for the team, ensuring we make the most of education and research opportunities for both patients and colleagues.

Dr Strachan initially joined the Trust in November 2000 as a Consultant Anaesthetist. A skilled and capable member of the team, Alasdair rose to the position of Director of Education in March 2014, overseeing a number of innovations within training, education and development. Highlights during his tenure include the attainment of Teaching Hospital status in 2017, as well as the formation of the country’s first ‘Foundation School in Health’ just last year, in partnership with Hall Cross Academy.

Speaking about his appointment as Director of Education and Research, Alasdair said: “I am very pleased, and excited, to be taking on this new challenge at the Trust. By bringing together our education and research teams, we can continue to develop together, whilst working synergistically. As a Trust, it is our ambition to be the safest in England, outstanding in all that we do, and I believe our directorate has a huge part to play in this goal and I look forward to overseeing this work.

“Our next steps will be supporting ‘Academic Directorates’ which will enable us to appoint research active staff with the local universities including Professors, to join Prof Lynda Wyld in our drive to host DBTH-based research staff. Not only will this ensure our research and education becomes more Trust centric, but it will improve the reputation of our organisation and our partnerships with local universities. We will also ensure all staff understand the opportunities of education and research to their development and the development of excellence in patient care.”

Dr Alasdair Strachan will begin his work as Director of Education and Research with immediate effect.