Don’t confuse your local hospital’s contact number – Keep your hospital appointments

Clinicians at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH) are urging local residents to ensure they do not confuse the Trust’s appointment number, 07860 039 092, and to keep their hospital appointments.

The Trust uses this number as part of its digital system to manage appointments, which can also be used to cancel or rearrange dates if necessary by accessing the Patient Portal, provided by supplier DrDoctor.

Each year, the Trust undertakes around half a million outpatient appointments across its three sites, as well as off-site clinics. Despite the team’s best efforts, just under 10% of all scheduled appointments go unattended. These missed appointments not only affect the individual’s health but also could have been used by other patients in need of care and treatment, helping them to receive the care they need sooner.

To help manage appointments more efficiently, the Trust sends important information via email and text messages from 07860 039 092 using its DrDoctor system. To avoid any confusion, colleagues at the Trust recommend that residents save this number as a contact in their mobile device’s address book. It’s important to note that messages from this number are not phishing attempts; they contain vital information about appointments and secure access to the Patient Portal.

Dr Nick Mallaband, Executive Medical Director at DBTH, said: “We encourage everyone to take note of our contact number and ensure they recognise messages from us. Attending your scheduled appointments or letting us know if you need to cancel or rearrange helps us to provide the best possible care to all our patients. Missed appointments mean longer waiting times for others who need our services.”

For those without a mobile phone number on record, paper letters and correspondence will continue to be sent. If you have difficulty accessing the digital system, you can give consent for a family member or carer to manage it on your behalf. Please ensure you provide their private email address and telephone/mobile number, and obtain their consent.

Individuals can rearrange or cancel their appointment by accessing the patient portal, emailing, or calling 01302 642500.

For more information about your appointment at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals to: