General Practice is still open: Dr David Crichton

Despite the enormous pressures and demands on NHS services during the Coronavirus outbreak, local practices and pharmacies have always remained open and are continuing to provide high quality care for patients in Doncaster.

Spring is here and the ongoing health needs of our patients is of paramount importance and it is vital that sick patients continue to seek advice from health and care professionals such as GPs, nurses and pharmacists.

In line with national guidance and to keep patients and staff safe, the way in which GP Practices work has evolved. Our new ways of working will ensure you receive the best level of care, albeit in a slightly different way to what you were used to pre Covid-19.

If a patient needs medical advice, they should call their local practice via telephone. Care navigators will ask a few questions to determine which health and care professional is best to deal with the problem and in most situations, a consultation can take place either online or by telephone.

If a patient then need to be seen in person and don’t have symptoms suggestive of Coronavirus, they will be invited into the practice to be seen. This is particularly important for patients that have more urgent health issues, such as suspected cancer symptoms or severe abdominal pain. If you do have Coronavirus symptoms I advise that you call 111 in the first instance.

For further information take a look at our Primary Care myth busting videos which explains how your local practice is open and available to help you.

If you need urgent healthcare in Doncaster there are lots of options, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Local pharmacist, 111, the Same Day Health Centre and the GP Out of Hours service can offer advice and treat many conditions; there is always at least one of these services available.

If you know someone who is frail or elderly or has an existing health problem and they are feeling unwell, encourage them to seek early advice, go to their local pharmacy or call their local practice before the issue escalates.

Advances in digital technology have enabled us to connect with patients remotely during these challenging times. If you haven’t already, I advise that you sign up to your local practice’s online services so you can easily order medication, book appointments and view test results quickly. For more information visit your own practice’s website.

Your general health and wellbeing continue to be important and although Covid-19 has been a key focus for everyone over the last year, we still need to look after ourselves concerning other health complaints. Please rest assured that whatever your health complaint there is a service in Doncaster to help you.

Sources of support and advice include:

  • NHS 111 – visit online or call to speak to someone
  • Your local pharmacist
  • Same Day Health Centre which is open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week
  • GP out of hours service
  • NHS Health at home – useful information on how to easily access NHS services online, from the comfort of your home. You can find out how to contact your GP, order repeat prescriptions and manage your wellbeing and existing conditions – without leaving your home.