International Summer Event Celebrates Diversity at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals

Last Friday (28 June), colleagues at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH) celebrated overseas recruits working at the Trust by hosting an International Community Celebration event at the Armthorpe Community Centre.

Funded by NHS England, this event is part of the ambitions set out in the Trust’s People Strategy, specifically ‘Belonging in #TeamDBTH’ as well as the Trust’s programme of ‘Belong and Thrive’ for international recruits.

The event, held from 1pm to 4pm, was attended by just under 100 colleagues, both recently recruited internationally and those who have called South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire home for a number of years, showcasing the rich cultural diversity within DBTH and the local NHS.

Members of the Trust’s leadership team, including Non-Executive Directors Hazel Brand and Kath Smart, attended the event, offering insights and expressing their gratitude for the significant contributions of international colleagues to the NHS. Attendees participated in a series of presentations and heard from guest speakers, emphasising the importance of diversity and inclusion within the Trust, and the positive impact on the delivery of healthcare.

Amongst other activities, the event featured a traditional Filipino dance with a modern twist, performed by colleagues, which was well received by those in attendance.

Zoe Lintin, Chief People Officer, stated: “What a fantastic day it was! It was wonderful to see so many colleagues come together to celebrate our diverse community here at DBTH. I would like to specifically thank Stacey Nutt, Brett Hill, Estelle Burton, and Airish Saluta for organising this event.

“The energy and enthusiasm were inspiring, and we owe a great deal to those individuals who have decided to call Doncaster and Bassetlaw home, and support NHS services.”

In addition to the performances, the event provided networking opportunities for attendees to connect with Trust representatives and local community groups.

Since 2020, the Trust has recruited more than 200 trained professionals from overseas, supporting them to gain official accreditations as well as settle within the country. All of them are fully trained and registered within their country of origin and have been appointed to take up roles across a variety of specialities across the organisation’s three hospitals.

Overseas recruitment is one of the Trust’s approaches to providing a stable workforce to ensure quality services and care for its patients. Recruiting and retaining substantive employees also reduces the amount the Trust spends on agency cover, with the money saved reinvested into patient care and facilities.

Additionally, the Trust has established an Internationally Educated Colleagues Network. This network supports internationally educated nurses, midwives, allied health professionals, and other colleagues, as well as allies.

The network aims to promote peer support, community building, and the wellbeing of its members, while advocating for fair treatment, equity, and inclusion. It also organises cultural events, provides seminars and webinars, and engages with support groups to help colleagues develop their careers and integrate into the community.