Introducing our new vision statement

Since the conclusion of our previous Trust strategy in 2022, DBTH, and the wider health system, has evolved significantly, and as such we believe the Trust requires a vision which responds to the dynamic healthcare landscape whilst maintaining our commitment to providing exceptional care.

At our Board of Directors meeting which took place on 7 May, the following statement was approved:

  • Healthier together – delivering exceptional healthcare for all

This is underpinned by four strategic priorities, which are:

  • Patients: We deliver safe, exceptional, person-centred care.
  • People: We are supportive, positive, and welcoming.
  • Partnership: We work together to enhance our services with clear goals for our communities.
  • Pounds: We are efficient and spend public money wisely.

Important: The above replaces our existing visionstrategic objectivesTrue North and breakthrough objectives. Note, our “We Care” values and the DBTH Way remain.

It’s important to recognise that the decision to move away from our previous vision (safest Trust in England, outstanding in all that we do) stems from an evaluation of where the Trust currently is, what we need to focus upon, and how we make this meaningful for colleagues.

Over the past number of years, our Trust has experienced profound challenges – and whilst our previous vision was aspirational and appropriate for the time, we feel it no longer encapsulates the priorities, nuances and focus areas we need to emphasise moving forward.

Feedback from stakeholders and internal assessments (11% of all Team DBTH) highlighted the need for greater clarity and specificity in our vision and supporting objectives. It’s evident that simply aiming to be outstanding in all aspects lacked the precision required to address the unique challenges we face, much of which will have to be achieved within constraining circumstances (staffing, resources, infrastructure and so on).

Therefore, the new vision, and supporting statements, aim to provide a more targeted and actionable framework and will be accompanied by a set of meaningful objectives and metrics. This will ensure that our vision aligns closely with our overall five-year strategy which we shall be developing over the course of 2024/25 with the input of colleagues across the Trust.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this journey of transformation together.