An open letter from Richard Parker OBE, Chief Executive

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday (23 March), it is clear that over the next few weeks and months that the health service is likely to face some extraordinary challenges.

I believe that working in the NHS is more than just a job – it’s about making a difference at the best of times, as well as at the worst of times. When we get through these challenges, our team will be able to reflect upon what we’ve achieved with a huge sense of pride.

This is because, as a caring organisation, we will have prepared as well as we could, and we will have done what is necessary to provide the best care to our patients, their families and, equally importantly, for each other, discharging our duties with kindness and compassion.

At the peak of this fight with Covid-19, we will make a difference to hundreds of patients and their families. Every single member of the Trust is equally important and everyone will play a huge part in maintaining our services, either in their normal role, or, for some colleagues, lending a helping hand in different areas.

When I joined the NHS in 1982 as a trainee nurse, I believed that it was the best healthcare system in the world. I am in no doubt that throughout the next few weeks, Team DBTH and colleagues across the UK will prove that.

It is now my hope that our communities will also rally round and concentrate on playing their part by following the Government’s guidance and minimising the spread of Coronavirus. This means that we can concentrate on providing the services they will need.

Thank you for your support and please take a minute to thank our NHS colleagues for the hard work and effort they will give over the next few weeks.