Parking on the roads near to Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Please note, parking restrictions will come back into place on the roads outside of Doncaster Royal Infirmary in the coming days. There will be a three week phased approach, with warning notices given out on the 14 September and PCNs the week following.

This applies to short-term bays on the roads external to DRI – please note parking on site remains free until further notice.

Doncaster Council have sent us the following correspondence on the matter:

We are extremely grateful for the essential services provided by NHS Key Workers, whose contributions have allowed us to move into the recovery phase.

Since the introduction of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, most authorities throughout England have implemented temporary guidance and measures to assist NHS Key Workers to be able to park freely so that they could continue to provide essential services.

As the Covid-19 lock down is gradually eased, it is becoming necessary for us to resume parking enforcement, to respond to the increase in car travel and to address complaints in this area. As the Highway Authority, we must strike a fair and equal balance for all road users.  Our approach will free up parking spaces for all motorists in the community by making parking spaces available for local residents, hospital visitors and deliveries.

For a short period, we are issuing advisory notices to draw people’s attention to the parking rules in this area. We do not wish to take enforcement action at this time, but we continue to have a responsibility to local communities in maintaining control of parking

Doncaster Council will keep measures under constant review in light of any rapidly changing situations, update, and reinstate concessions as necessary.