Spiderman and Iron Man spotted at part-time window-cleaning job

Popular children’s super heroes Spiderman and Iron Man have been spotted by inpatients of Doncaster Royal Infirmary’s Children’s ward, taking on a most unpredictable job.

The pair were seen scaling the side of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital shortly after 11am as they prepared to clean the many windows on the building’s façade.

They stopped momentarily to wave for their young supporters, all children receiving treatment on the ward, who were very excited to catch a glimpse of their heroes.

The plucky two-some who descended from the roof of the seven-storey building, were rope access specialists Lewis and Matthew, from Opal Access. Contracted to clean the thousands of windows at Doncaster Royal Infirmary over the last few weeks, they saved the children’s building until last to put on a special show for the hospital’s youngest patients.

Lauren Jacobs, of the Play and Activity Team on the Children’s Ward, said: “It was such an exciting morning for the children on the ward today. They had their Marvel pyjamas on and waited eagerly to see their heroes abseil past the windows.

“Spending any amount of time in hospital can be a tough period for children, especially being away from their friends and extended family in an unfamiliar environment. Cameos, such as the one organised by Opal Access today, help us to make children’s memories of their time in hospital exciting and positive and help to distract them from the clinical setting.

“Thank you to Opal Access, and especially to Lewis and Matthew, for pulling this together and for playing their parts so well – they really are superheroes!”

Lewis and Matthew spent some time putting on a bit of a show for the children, swinging across the entire floor of the children’s ward to make sure the occupants of each room got a glimpse of their heroes.

Lewis and Matthew said: “We had a great time today seeing how excited all the kids were from our viewpoint on the ropes. We spotted a couple of them wearing Spiderman merchandise and they all waved to us – seeing their smiles made the drop worth it. We hope we brought a little bit of joy to them during their stay in hospital.”