How we use your data

Find out how the study stores your information, how it is used and how you can opt out should you wish to.

How is your data stored? 

Our information systems are managed to strict NHS security standards. We also follow General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules and the Data Protection Act. 

Data sharing agreements are established with every source of data to ensure the data is transferred securely for the study. 

All the data is then stored securely by the BaBi-D team, with DBTH retaining the role of Data Controller but subcontracting the physical storage to DMBC. The data can only be accessed by approved members of staff using secure passwords. 

Access our privacy policy page to find out more about how GDPR and how research is stored and used.

What happens next? 

We combine your data with data from other BaBi Doncaster participants, to help us answer important research questions about how we can help families to be healthy and happy. 

The data and research will provide key health intelligence for future projects and planning. 

As the study progresses, we will stay connected by sending you updates on how things are going. From time to time, we may invite you to take part in future research studies, although there is no obligation for you to take part in this additional research. 

We are hoping that the first cohort sees hundreds of people volunteer to take part, with more people being invited to join the study each year. 

Can I be identified by my data? 

We make sure that participants cannot be identified in our results, or in any reports that are published about the research studies. 

Person Identifiable Data, such as your name and address, is removed from the study information and stored separately. Each participant is given an anonymous reference (BaBi Doncaster person ID). When researchers use the data which has been collected about participants, they do not receive any information which could identify someone individually. 

Only selected BaBi-D team members can access the information that identifies you. They will only do this to carry out specified tasks, such as contacting you, or requesting relevant information about you from another organisation, such as your GP. 

What information is collected? 

Many organisations regularly collect information about families. The NHS keeps health records so they can provide health services to us. Educational organisations keep information that helps them to provide services for children in schools. If you have given us your consent, we will ask these organisations to provide relevant information about you and your child to BaBi Doncaster. 

This includes information from organisations such as your GP, hospitals you have visited as a patient, community health services such as health visitors, and organisations that hold educational records, such as the Local Authority (Council) and the Department for Education. 

What if I change my mind? 

If you do not want to continue being part of this study or wish us to remove any information about you or your family, please let us know. 

Please contact us by email: or by calling: 01302 644070. 

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