Bariatric Surgery

Surgical treatment is an option for patients who have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight by non-surgical means.  Patients will have already been through an intensive dietary treatment programme before being considered for surgery.

Surgery combined with changing behaviour is a proven method of achieving long-term weight loss for obese people.

Being overweight is closely linked with health problems caused by obesity, including diabetes (high blood sugar levels), hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, hyperlipidemia (high blood fats), sleep apnoea (disturbed sleep), infertility, social isolation, and depression.

Studies have shown that some of these obesity associated health conditions have improved or gone away completely after surgery.

Bariatric surgery is only a tool for weight loss and can only work effectively if people work with their surgery. Surgery is not a guarantee for weight loss and patients have to work hard with their surgery to achieve good success.

We provide a comprehensive pre and post bariatric surgery service and have close links with weight management services in the surrounding areas.

Surgery and Clinics

Prior to surgery patients will attend a number of clinic appointments. Your surgery will either be done at Bassetlaw Hospital or Doncaster Royal Infirmary. follow up appointments are run on both sites.

The clinical psychologist also runs weekly clinics in order to support patients at various stages of the bariatric surgery process, often post surgery to help them adjust to the changes that occur post bariatric surgery.

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