Ophthalmology Services are provided across the three sites of the trust:

Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Bassetlaw Hospital

Montagu Hospital

Ophthalmology Outpatient Appointments

In most cases patients that need an appointment at the Ophthalmology Department require a face to face appointment so that detailed eye examinations can be performed. Therefore, unfortunately telephone consultations and videoconferencing are unlikely to be carried out for the majority of Ophthalmology patients.

Face-to-face appointments are still available for all emergency/urgent patients and for patients requiring eye injections (IVT) and we have reinstated a number of routine clinics, however, we are working our way through the backlog.

Please be reassured that if you have had an appointment cancelled since the 18th March 2020 your records will have been clinically reviewed by a doctor and you will receive an appointment in due course. All patients that have been reviewed by the doctor and felt to be routine will be given an appointment in date order.

Ophthalmology operations have also been reinstated although priority is being given to the most clinically urgent.

If you feel that we should see you urgently or that your condition has deteriorated, then please ring/email the consultants’ secretary who will speak to your consultant for advice, if you have not yet been seen by a consultant please contact your GP or Optician.

Wet AMD Referral Form

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