Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust donate specialist equipment to local hospitals

The Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust (DCDT) has raised funds to purchase two key items of equipment which will assist in the carrying out of specialist procedures at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH).

Traditionally, when patients have to undergo a procedure such as a mastectomy (removal of breast tissue), while the person being operated would be placed under anaesthesia, an additional clinician may be required to hold the individual in place. Furthermore, if a tumour, or further tissue, was being removed, this would necessitate the need for another health professional to support.

Ms Clare Rogers, third from left, with the Jasmine team

While a tried and testing method of providing care, a downside to this approach is that a number of people are required for such a procedure to go ahead, as well associated tiredness, as clinicians assisting can become fatigued holding things in place for extended periods of time.

With the kindness of the DCDT and its supporters, the Trust has now been able to procure a special locking post which has the ability to hold patients safely and comfortable in place during treatment. Additionally, surgeons will now have access to specialist ‘arms’ which are able to support in the place of colleagues, without the need for additional assistance.

Ms Clare Rogers, Consultant Breast Surgeon at DBTH, said: “On behalf of the Trust, I want to thank the kind supporters of the Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust. This is a fantastic development that will help to improve the care we provide for local people, as well as our capacity to carry out procedures. People often do not realise the number of people that are required in order for us to successfully operate, and with this new kit, we will be able to work more efficiently, ensuring people receive the treatment they need as soon as possible.”

Yvonne Woodcock, Chair of DCDT said, we are immensely proud of the people in Doncaster and the surrounding area. This is only possible due their continued generosity and support, especially during these very difficult times.

DCDT is Doncaster’s oldest local cancer charity. Formed over 50 years ago the charity has donated over 80 pieces of front line cancer equipment to Doncaster Hospitals. All their members and management team are unpaid volunteers. For more information about DCDT please visit