Our Emergency Departments are currently very busy

If you are ill, injured and unsure what to do next, here are the services which can help.

Choosing the right service when you’re feeling under the weather is incredibly important. Not only will you receive the advice or treatment you require, but you’ll also ensure that services are able to see those people who may need urgent and emergency care.

Below you will find a guide on what health and social care service are available should you need advice, care or treatment.

Further information can be found in this handy guide.

In Doncaster and Worksop:

  • For a hangover, grazed knee, sore throat and cough: Use your first-aid kit
  • For vomiting, general health issues, ear, stomach and back ache: Visit your GP Practice, Same Day Health Centre or the Bassetlaw Out of Hours Service
  • For diarrhoea, a runny nose, painful cough and headache: Visit your local Pharmacy
  • For cuts, sprains, strains and rashes: Visit the Minor Injuries Unit
  • For choking, chest pain, severe bleeding or if some one has blacked out: Visit the Emergency Department in Doncaster or Bassetlaw

Other services:

  • For mental health support: Contact the Mental Health Access Team on 01302 566999, The Samaritans on 116 123 or Nottinghamshire Mental Health Teams
  • For acute and chronic conditions, wound dressing, medicines management and palliative care: Speak to Community Nursing Services
  • For suspected sexual infections, advise or information: Visit Doncaster Tri Health or Bassetlaw Tri Health
  • For support and advice on non-clinical issues which may be contributing to your physical and mental health, such as debt management, family issues and social isolation speak to the Bassetlaw CVS Community Advisor on 01909 476118