Watch along: DBTH Annual Members Meeting 2020

Our next Annual Members Meeting will take place on 24 September and will be streamed at 6pm.

Each year we invite our members to a meeting, giving an update on the Trust’s performance and progress within the year.

This year, our Annual Members Meeting is running slightly differently. At 6pm on Thursday 24 September you will be able to watch the event using a YouTube link which will be made available below.


There will be a short Q&A section in the AMM, with questions sent to us before 14 September.  If you have a question which is not answered, please send this to by 30 September and they will endeavour to make a formal response within the coming days and within our next Governor section . Please note we cannot answer individual enquiries regarding episodes and experiences of care.

Meeting papers:


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The video above can be watched with subtitles, as generated by Google’s Closed Captioning software. To enable this, when using your mouse to hover over, there’s an icon in the bottom right of the video which says CC. Click it and a red line will appear underneath and subtitles will show. Below is an image showing you were the icon can be found.